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The Research of Appropriate Evaluation and Planting Division of Laiwu Ginger Based on GIS Technology

Author: LiuLiang
Tutor: ZhangZuLu
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Physical Geography
Keywords: Laiwu City ginger appropriate evaluation planting division
CLC: P208
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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With the acceleration of social population growth, urbanization, and landresource shortages, increasingly prominent contradiction between people and otherenvironmental issues continue to emerge, conduct evaluation studies on the species ofthe land should be developed for the promotion and protection of land resources, landuse efficiency has improved significance. Land planted zoning is to identify regionaldifferences in crop cultivation and production of clear distinction between inductioncommonality planting area, rational planning in line with the objective reality andobjective laws of crop production areas. Identification of land to grow crops for thezoning on the spatial distribution of the same sex and exhibit differences in differentregions of the same area of great significance.At home and abroad for land cultivationand planting suitability evaluation division launched a more comprehensive study.This article relies on the "central and southern Shandong Agricultural Survey andthe province’s ecological geochemical summary" project thematic research project, isa basic-applied geological survey project. Geochemical Environmental ResearchLaiwu ginger production area, to be assigned to identify the distribution of usefulelements, organic pollutants and other harmful elements, and Laiwu ginger productionareas in the soil, and ecological effects of migration and transformation of theestablishment of Laiwu ginger planting site background and suitability mode andmake the region ginger cultivation planning. Expand quality ginger cultivation,improve economic efficiency of agriculture, increase farmers’ income, realize theadvantages of efficient modern Laiwu Ginger provide a scientific basis for sustainabledevelopment In this paper, a large collection of data in the study area, access to basic literatureand practical investigation, get Laiwu ginger growing natural and geographicalconditions, through the evaluation of indicators Laiwu ginger planting naturalenvironmental conditions evaluated were screened, and then summed up the Laiwuginger planting suitability evaluation index system and division levels. Natural zoningstandards determined by the underlying data processing, affecting the growth ofLaiwu ginger soil, water, organic matter and other factors were analyzed andevaluated to determine the dominant factor. Through a comprehensive analysis of theimpact of various factors, combined with the established evaluation system, for eachpartition processing elements, combined with the actual situation of manualprocessing, the result of Laiwu ginger should kinds of evaluation. Conclusions of thisstudy are as follows:1.Factor in the evaluation of soil fertility, soil fertility is higher Walled town level.Soil fertility are medium grade level, the rest of the township study area can meet therequirements of ginger grown for soil fertility. Integrated soil fertility status of thetownship descending to the level of: Zhaili> Yangzhuang> Yangli> Gaozhuang>Dawangzhuang>Xueye.2.Ginger planting soil suitable for the study area more widely distributed. Inaddition to Hg, Cd elements causing severe pollution of soil in some areas, and therest are in the light of heavy metals pollution levels. But on the whole, the study areais more serious heavy metal pollution, heavy metal pollution from large to small asfollows: Yangli>Zhaili> Yangzhuang> Gaozhuang> Dawangzhuang> Xueye.3.Better quality of underground water in the study area is conducive to thegrowth of ginger and quality assurance. Water quality in the study area Gaozhuangfuzzy Yangzhuang with a comprehensive evaluation grades are Class I water quality.Gaozhuang,Yangzhuang, Dawangzhuang, the town’s water quality assessment ratingXueye are located in Class II level, water quality is better. The Gaozhuang,Yangzhuang, Yangli, V class also larger proportion of water, indicating that the regionhas been subject to certain groundwater contamination.4.Study area mainly pesticide residues of organochlorine pesticides based, which is mainly HCHs and DDTs. Research Area Gaozhuang, Zhaili, Yangli, Dawangzhuangsoil DDTs, HCHs residue levels were lower than other regions in China, soil cleaner,less polluted by organic pesticides. Yangzhuang, the residual content of the soil DDTssmall town, and HCHs residual content is relatively high, but are in line with thenational standard, will not affect the production of ginger and human health.5.Through the comprehensive soil fertility, soil environmental quality of heavymetals, the groundwater quality in the study area, the pesticide residues in the studyarea features four indicators to evaluate overall YiZhong sex study area, Gao Zhuangtown, town ginger ZhaiLi YiZhong evaluation are “more appropriate” level, YangZhuang town, sheep in the town, big Wang Zhuangzhen, fallen snow.where townginger YiZhong evaluation are based on “general”rank, but the score was close to the“more appropriate” level.

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