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The Phylogenetic Relationships of the12Sea Buckthorn Varieties Using GC-MS Analysis

Author: ZhaoChunE
Tutor: RuanChengJiang
School: Liaoning Normal University
Course: Botany
Keywords: Sea Buckthorn(Hippophae rhamnoides) GC-MS Phylogenetic Relationships
CLC: S793.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Seabuckthorn (Hippophae Elaeagnaceae)is a deciduous shrub. Its characteristics is drought, wind resistance, can survive in the salinization of the land, it is widely used in soil and water conservation; Seabuckthorn root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, especially sea buckthorn fruit is rich in nutrients and bioactive substances, can be widely used in many of the national economy of food, medicine, light industry, aerospace, agriculture and animal husbandry, fisheryfield. In recent years, sea buckthorn juice as a health drink, and more into people’s lives. Sea buckthorn juice contains high vitamins and carotenoids, mainly glucose, fructose, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, readily available, and contain a variety of trace elements and biologically active substances of as much as190kinds. Therefore, identification of requirements for the quality traits of sea buckthorn is also imminent. Collected12varieties of sea buckthorn fruit material,Fat-soluble components of the extract of sea buckthorn pulp and seed were analyzed using GC-MS, and experimental data for cluster analysis and evaluation to provide some reference data and indicators of quality traits of the sea buckthorn.The results showed that:1. Determine of seabuckthorn fat-soluble components of the extraction method and GC-MS analysis method:15min measured methods:helium as carrier gas, constant main the flow lml/min, pillars:Rt8-5MS, length:30.0m, thickness:0.25um, diameter:0.25mm, syringes, columns, ion source temperature were300℃,85℃,200℃, injection volume2μL of, split ratio15:1. Incubator temperature:start85℃(2min),25℃/min to300℃, to maintain12min.12seabuckthorn pulp and seed fat-soluble components by GC-MS map of the peak number of individual peaks vary widely. This experiment in the spectrum of the many peaks by retention time units of selected15peaks as the peaks represent the substance of the AN and the material X, most of the peak of the peak area and peak height data from the mass spectra can be obtained for the clusteringanalysis provides a wealth of material for the future the seabuckthorn quality traits evaluation of some reference data.2. The fat-soluble components of sea buckthorn pulp cluster analysis:Substance A difference in the content in the pulp and seeds Siberia flush, does not contain this substance in Alexandria on the12th and the Chinese sea buckthorn fruit, and seeds contain substances A Siberia flush; Material B in seeds contained only in the hybrid strains, the winter snows red, the real No.1and China, Seabuckthorn fruit contains; Material C does not exist in hybrid strains, September Huang, hybrid strains of2and the real priority on the1st of seed; The substance D does not exist in the stingless Feng, like a round yellow, fragrant fruit; substance F in hybrid strains, September Huang, hybrid strains and real No.1does not exist; Material H, I, L, and N in the winter snows red pulp and Liu Sha No.1seed in the most abundant; Substance K exists only like round yellow, September Huang, winter snows red, the real priority on the1st of flesh and Siberia flush thorn Feng Liu Sha1seed; Material M is contained in the seed, does not exist in Siberia flush, like a round yellow hybrid strains, September Huang, winter snows red, Chinese Seabuckthorn pulp. Substance X is unique in the seed material.

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