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Clinical Study of E2、P、β-HCG on Hutaiyin for Spleen and Kidney Deficiency Threatened Abortion

Author: YangQingQing
Tutor: ChenXia
School: Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Gynecology
Keywords: Hu Tai Yin decoction deficiency of spleen and kidney threatened abortion clinical study
CLC: R271.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:This clinical study, oral Dydrogesterone tablets as the positive group of drugs, evaluate the clinical drug efficacy and safety about spleen and kidney deficiency type threatened abortion women oral Hu Tai Yin decoction, and to observe its impact on the blood serum sex hormone including E2、P、β-HCG, at the same time observe the correlation between the end of the patients and the blood serum sex hormone.Methods:1. All patients come from the Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, conform the western medicine standard of early threatened abortion, and the TCM syndrome. According to the therapies divided into blank group and cure group in radios. Cure group patients oral Hu Tai Yin decoction and Dydrogesterone, blank group patients only oral Dydrogesterone, four weeks as one course, observing during it. Compare in comprehensive effect, clinical efficacy of TCM symptoms, blood serum sex hormone and observe security index such as hepatic function, renal function and so on from before to after treatment.2. According to the end, divide patients into two groups and observe the relationship between blood serum sex hormone and the end.Results:1. Cure group effective rate was90%, blank group effective rate was80%. Integrated effect of the two groups the difference was not significant (P>0.05); two fairly comprehensive effect. Two groups of patients compared efficacy of TCM, Cure group30%cure rate, total effective rate was96.7%,blank group15%cure rate, total effective rate was75%.cure group than blank group, the difference was statistically significant(P<0.05).2. Level of sex hormone E2、P、β-HCG for both groups were higher from before to after treatment, it had statistical significant through T test(P<0.05), in addition, variations of E2、 β-HCG from before to after treatment have obvious reference significant through T test(P<0.01),this illustrated that the treatment of two groups brought escalating trends on sex hormone; compare the level of sex hormoneβ-HCG after treatment between two groups had no statistical significant through T test (P>0.05), two fairly effect of bring escalating trends on sex hormone; compare the level of sex hormone E2、P after treatment between two groups had statistical significant through T test (P<0.05),cure group was better than blank group in bring escalating trends on sex hormone E2、P.3. Correlation Analysis:BaoTai success group the level of sex hormone E2、P、β-HCG were higher from before to after treatment, it had statistical significant through T test(P<0.05).in addition, variations of E2、β-HCG from before to after treatment have obvious reference significant through T test(P<0.01),failure group the level of E2from before to two weeks after treatment increasing very slowly, to the next week it began to decease gradually and four weeks after treatment compared the level of E2with the last week, it had statistical significant through T test(P<0.05); the level of P from before to after treatment had no statistical significant through T test(P>0.05) the level of β-HCG was higher from before to one week after treatment, it had statistical significant through T test(P<0.01),two weeks to four weeks after treatment separately compared the level of β-HCG with the last week it had no statistical significant through T test(P>0.05). There was no statistical significant to the efficacy with the age, pregnant (P>0.05), but had statistical significant with the condition, abortion radio (P<0.05).Conclusion:The clinical research findings indicated the therapy of Hu Tai Yin Decoction is effective and safe for early threatened abortion which belong to deficiency of spleen and kidney, that can effectively improve the clinical symptoms, elevate the level of blood serum sex hormone, especially serum estradiol and chorionic gonadotropin. The efficacy and the ending of the early threatened abortion closely related to the level of sex hormone E2、P、β-HCG, they increased higher with the pregnant the better prognosis, on the contrary, the worse. The level of sex hormone E2can help to predict the ending of early threatened abortion earlier than P、β-HCG. if last two sex hormone have no abnormity.Effects of HuTaiYin is confirmed, which is worthy of being widely used in clinic.

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