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Clinical Research on Effect of Invigorating Kidney and Regulating Menstruation Method Combined with Psychological Intervention Treating Kidney-deficiency and Kepatic Stagnation Type of the Ovulatory Infertility

Author: MengZuo
Tutor: ZhouHuiFang
School: Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Gynecology
Keywords: Invigorating the kidney and regulating the menstruation cycle psychologicalintervention ovulatoray infertility kidney deficiency and liver depression
CLC: R271.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Objective:This study using traditional Chinese medicine of invigorating the kidney and regulating the menstruation cycle combined with psychological intervention for curing the ovulatory infertility. Evaluation the ovulation function recovery, evaluate the pregnancies, provide the basis for further clinical popularization and application.Method:Pick60illness-carriers, who are confirmed according to Chinese medicine theory as the patients of ovulatory infertility caused by liver depression and kidney deficiency, and divide them randomly into two groups:30for treatment (invigorating the kidney and regulating the menstruation cycles plus psychological intervention); and30for comparison (invigorating the kidney and regulating the menstruation cycles). Both groups will receive a treatment term, which refers to3menstruation cycles. Observe the thickness of the endometriosis, the ultrasonic types, diameter of the ovarian follicles, sex hormone levels, SDS and SAS evaluations before and after the treatment; and compare the final effect and improvement of the two treatment methods.(1) There’s no obvious difference between the process of the thickness of the endometriosis of the two groups growing into the maximum ovarian follicle diameter. The comparison of the two groups before and after treatment (Em, FD) is meaningful in statistics (p<0.05). After the treatment the difference between the two groups is not evident, but the average values of Em and FD of Treatment Group are higher than those of the Comparison Group.(2) In the late term of the ovarian follicle the A-type endometriosis occupies61.76%in the Treatment Group, yet it occupies53.03%in the Comparison Group. There are statistical differences between the two groups after test (p<0.05).(3) There’s no statistical meaning about the comparison of serum hormones of the two groups before treatment. While the comparison of E2and FSH of the two groups before and after treatment are statistically meaningful (p<0.05),but the comparison of other hormones are meaningless. The comparison of the two groups after treatment is statistically meaningless.(4) There are no obvious differences between the two groups in SDS and SAS evaluation before treatment. For the Treatment Group itself, the difference before and after is statistically meaningful (p is less than0.05), while for Comparison Group, the difference before and after is not significant. And the comparison between Treatment Group and Comparison Group before and after treatment is statistically meaningful.(p is less than0.05).(5) The comprehensive curing effectiveness of the treatment Group is73.33%and the one of the Comparison Group is63.33%;The comparison of the two groups after treatment is statistically meaningless. (6) Comparing the ovulation rate between the two groups, the difference is statistically meaningful(P is less than0.05). and pregnancy rate is statistically meaningless.Conclusion:The Chinese medicine of invigorating the kidney and regulating the menstruation cycle for the cure of ovulatory infertility, through regulating the functions of the Hypothalamus, pituitary and ovarian axis, can effectively improve the patients’sex hormone level, raise E2and lower down the FSH, regulate the menstruation cycle and restore the ovulation. The infertile patients are sometimes bearers of negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression and sense of frustration, which will influence the chance of getting pregnant and curing effect of infertility. These negative emotions can affect the ovulation functions by nerve systems, internal secretion systems and immune systems. This study, together with the psychological intervention to cure the ovulatory infertility, can effective loosen the patients’mental pressure and ease their reactions to the negative emotions, therefore improving their physical and mental conditions. The psychological intervention method was introduced to the curing of the ovulatory infertility combined with traditional Chinese medical treatment can summon up the patients’ initiative, which plays an irreplaceable role in the curing process of ovulatory infertility.

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