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Establishment of OHSS Rat Model of Spleen Deficiency and Clinical Observatfen of Integrative Medicine

Author: YuZuoChao
Tutor: ZhangJianWei
School: Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Chinese Gynecology
Keywords: OHSS Spleen Deficiency Syndrome Rats ModelOHSS of Spleen Deficiency Syndrome Integrative Medicine Efficacy
CLC: R-332
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Experimental studyObjective: To explore the establishment method of OHSS rat model of spleendeficiency syndrome under the guidance of traditional chinese medicine theory.Methods:40rats were randomized into the control group, OHSS group, spleendeficiency syndrome OHSS group(combination of disease and syndrome group), spleendeficiency syndrome OHSS of TCM treatment group (disproof group). Based on theformation me-chanism of the spleen deficiency syndrome, to shaping the rat model ofspleen deficiency syndrome with the two factors of exerting excessive and improper diet;learn from the mature OHSS modeling method, to copy OHSS rat model with pregnantmare serum gonadotropin (PMSG)+injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).Comparing four groups of rats with ascites rated, the methylene blue content of peritonealwashings, the weight of ovarian and uterine, the weight of body,the score of spleendeficiency syndrome, the values of D-xylose in serum.Results:1. OHSS group, combining of disease and syndrome group and disproofgroup were higher to the control group in the rats ascites rated, the methylene blue contentof peritoneal washings and the weight of ovarian and uterine, there were significant differe-nces by comparison (P <0.05).2. Combination of disease and syndrome group, disproofgroup compared with the control group were slower growth in rats body weight, spleenweakness rated higher than the control group, D-xylose content of serum were lower com-pared with the control group, there were significant differences (P <0.05).3. As comparedwith the combination of disease and syndrome group,disproof group had a faster growth inweight of rats, more lower score in the spleen deficiency syndrome, and a lower content inserum D-xylose, there were significant differences (P <0.05).Conclusion: Learning from mature OHSS modeling methods, lead to spleendeficiency with TCM composite factors of exerting excessive and improper diet, so as to establish the OHSS rat model of spleen deficiency syndrome, this method of makingmodel is reason-able and reliable. Clinical ResearchObjective: retrospective analysis of OHSS patients during the treatment process,observe the clinical efficacy of integrative medicine therapy on OHSS of spleen deficiencysynd-rome, explore effective methods of treatment on OHSS of spleen deficiencysyndrome, provide the basis for the clinical medication.Methods: Collected hospitalization data of OHSS during July2005-May2004,September2010-December2012, patients age, causes of infertility, infertility age,ovulation inducing scheme, numbers of retrievaled oocytes, time of onset, duration, andmeasures of integrati-ve therapy were retrospectively analyzed,statistical analysis spleendeficiency syndrome score, symptoms and signs,and indexes of auxiliary examination.Results:1.The average age of33patients was(29.36±2.99) years, the average RMIwas (23.11±3.93) kg/m2, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and PCOS combined otherfactors were a total of10cases (30.3%) in causes of infertility, average serum E2was(4274.42±897.73) pg/L on the day of HCG administration, average number of retrievaledoocytes was(20.21±8.62)months2. Spleen deficiency syndrome score were significantlyreduce, laboratory parameters hematocrit plot (HCT), total protein (TP), and albumin(ALB) were significantly improved or recovered to the normal range of bilateral, bilateralovaries reduced after integrative medicine therapy on OHSS patients of spleen deficiencysyndrome, there were no significant differences compared with pre-treatment (P <0.05).3.OHSS patients of spleen deficiency syndrome had significant of spleen deficiencysyndromes and clinical efficacy through the integrative medicine.Conclusion:Integrative medicine therapy on OHSS of spleen deficiency syndromecan improve patient indicators, to avoid thoracic ascites puncture and the incidence ofcomplications, shorten the course to alleviate the suffering of patients, achieved goodtherapeutic effect.

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