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Writing in the Novels of Yu Dafu Disease

Author: WangXiaoYan
Tutor: GuoChangBao
School: Tianjin Normal University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: the novels of Yu dafu tuberculosis neuradynamia sexualdepression
CLC: I207.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In the Chinese modern writers,"disease" is almost all writers are related to writing object. Yu Dafu as one of the most influential writers of the five four period, with their own works sincerely writing his own life and ideals. His works are known as "diseases", he used the emotional pen for us to construct a out of the ordinary of the spiritual world, his novels at the time played a seminal role. Not the importance of Yu Dafu in the history of modern Chinese literature only that he published the history of modern Chinese literature in the vernacular short stories, also not only is the use of a new creation, and largely because he presents a new spirit of human value pursuit and longing from a specific perspective, shows us a new view of value and value system in the bigger, broader vision, enriching the connotation of Chinese modern literature.The disease is a physiological phenomenon of the inevitable process in one’s life, Yu Dafu to the disease as the motif, attention body disease, mental disease patient survival state. In Yu Dafu’s novels, which had been saying the stately into the hall of literature, based on the boredom, the boredom of the most basic physiological needs of the narrative, with metamorphosis Yu normal scarcity, showing normal awkward to anomalous, pushed to the extreme low dark experience. From his debut, the disease has been an important element in Yu Dafu’s novels. The characters in his novels are suffering from varying degrees of somatic diseases or mental disorder, among them, pulmonary tuberculosis, neurasthenia, sexual depression (sexual dysfunction) is the most common disease in his works. Yu Dafu disease preference and his life experience are inseparable, and his literary character also be bound together in a common cause. The disease has a unique value in Yu Dafu’s Novels:disease is the embodiment of the romantic, the cleansing of the human mind; to the state is weak complaint; is the pursuit of self expression.This complex of Chinese modern writers writing disease, a hand from the writer’s experience of disease, on the other hand is the writer family around the unique experiences and feelings. In the promotion of the enlightenment movement, the writer hand in the creation of focus on the experience of their own lives to write, more important is the writer to the profound anxious look to the nation and country’s regarded as hopeless. Their own status as "doctor", do our best for morbid society of China actively looking for a cure illness. And further from the physical disease associated with mental illness, the transformation from treatment on human physiological disease to heal mental illness, thus showing a broad social and humanistic care. Modern writers gradually deepening the understanding of the disease, and with it, the process of deepening the understanding of the disease, they put on interpretation and the whole nation’s thinking mode of links. The writer explains to disease has experienced a process of modernization, it is almost synchronized with the modernization of literature. As a physiological disease in modern writers on the incidence of a disease is very high, it is because of the profound experience of the body makes the writers in the spirit of the disease have in-depth thinking, the combination of these two factors, the disease has become China’s modern novels of guest of honor, as well as writers at the most the themes of the times.

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