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Researches on Influence Factors and Cultivation Method of Sports Dance Player's Artistic Expression

Author: ZhangJie
Tutor: GuoXiuWen
School: Northwest Normal University
Course: Social sports guidance
Keywords: Sports dance player Expressive force Influence Factor Method
CLC: J722.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Sports dance is a sport event, it fuse dance, sports, music and clothes, developfast after it was introduced into China, and enjoy warm welcome by the people. Sportsdance belong to difficult beautiful event-group skill dominant, which requires athletesto not only should have superb skill, but also have high level of artistic expression. Inrecent years, although Chinese sports dance players’ level of technology made greatprogress, have made some achievements in the international competition, but there arestill large gaps compared with the international high level players, among the reasons,because artistic expression of Chinese sports dance player is instrumental.This paper study influence factors and cultivation method of sports danceplayer’s artistic expression by using questionnaire survey method, literature method,interview method, mathematical statistics method, and so on, aims to help sportsdance teachers to make students overcome the bottleneck of artistic expression,rapidly improve the artistic expression of sports dance players.The research conclusion is as follows:1) There are many influence factors of sports dance player’s artistic expression;they are special physical quality, music and art accomplishment, psychological quality,partner of human factors and the comprehensive cultural quality.2) Improve sports dance technical level must be based on the good specialphysical ability, for improving the sports dance athletes special physical ability,players should meet the power quality, flexible quality, endurance quality, speedquality and coordination by using scientific method.3) Cultivate artistic accomplishment is able to improve sports dance playerartistic expression. Attention should be pay to strengthen the art quality of sportsdance players, dance music accomplishment, quality training, and guide students tolearn to reasonable collocation dance costumes.4) Exquisite technology requires high psychological quality, the cultivation ofpsychological quality is to improve the sports dance contestant key elements ofartistic expression, simulation training method should be adopted, self-suggestiontraining dancers’ psychological quality, the players form long-term high standard training habits and strong competition consciousness.5) Player directly affect the sports dance teacher’s teaching ability of artisticexpression, attention should be pay to improve teachers’ comprehensive quality andability, and strengthen improving teaching method.6) Partner combinations and harmonious degree influence the artistic expressionof sports dance player, To enhance cooperate sports of dance partner, should be in thebody and body language to show reflect highly of harmony. The harmony should beembodied highly in the body and body language.7) Improving the humanities cultivated manners helps to accurately express thedancers themselves connotation and soul of dance. For strengthen humanitiesknowledge learning dancing, watch the dance video, personal feeling dance birthplaceof dance culture, increase knowledge reserves, diligently life experience feeling lifeand so on all can help sports dance players to improve their cultural literacy.

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