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Study on the situation in the Middle East Arab identity

Author: Wang
Tutor: KongLingTao
School: Shanghai International Studies University
Course: Arabic Language and Literature
Keywords: Change in the situation in the Middle East Arabs Identity Islamists The nation-state Globalization
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Since the outbreak of large-scale wave of protests since the end of 2010, in the common influence of the external situation and internal change intervention, the situation in the Middle East and in serious confrontation. In this process, the occurrence of the earthquake in Arabia national politics, some through peaceful means regime change, such as Egypt and Tunisia; some through external intervention and mediation forced regime transition, such as Yemen; and some, by armed conflicts violent, direct intervention or the external military forces, to overthrow the existing regime, such as Libya; of course there are some long, has no solution, such as Syria. These have change state, and not because of violent revolution and make the situation like some, but into serial constant turmoil, such as egypt. Some countries also taken place in the number of domestic political turmoil, but has not yet occurred regime change, such as Bahrain, Algeria etc.. The complex situation in the Middle East situation, so that we in the Middle East to Arabia world Arabs identity research is more complicated and difficult. Among these, both the Tunisian revolution youth group's personal status, also has the civil war in Libya's tribal identity; both the unrest in Bahrain and Syria in the civil war religious identity, also teach secular identity revolutionary Egypt; both the Iraqi Kurdish ethnic identity, Yemen also has a leader to step down is national identity and so. In the attribute of nation state, modern country in the Middle East can be roughly divided into the nations of Arabia and non Arabia countries. The exclusion of Arabia ethnic minority identity factors, factors of Middle East in transition, such as the Kurdish problem. Due to ethnic problems in the Kurdish minority history of improper disposal, the conflict between ethnic identity long plagued Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria four countries. Despite the long-term injustice main ethnic Kurds, but has maintained a strong national identity feelings, namely with the central government or the subject of national distance, or peeling feeling, when this feeling of distance accumulated to a certain extent, will burst because of nationalism repulsion produced by the movement of the national independence or national consciousness tendency. The conflict between ethnic identity and national identity, will lead to the elimination of national identity, which is caused by separatist activities. Arabia for individual countries, they always can't get away from the common interest, national interest and the Arabia world Islamic world country differences and common attributes such as entanglement, also long suffered from the ideological differences between domestic nationalism and pan Arabia doctrine of distress. These factors together, formed a diversified trend of Arabia individual national identity. This trend has forced the Arab identity with Arabia, the Islamic and national multiple characteristics. Because of the existence of multiple interests driven by the multiple characteristics under the background, the Arabs in an originally simple geographical environment, derived from many complex identity form. We follow the multi factors affecting identity, such as language, religion, clan, the situation in the Middle East identity is divided into super national identity, national identity and national identity in three. Due to diversity of identity, need to Arabia state also inevitably face the challenge brought identity dilemma. Now the Middle East countries still in turmoil Arabia whirlpool unable to escape, but construction for these countries and leaders, to handle these intertwined and possibly mutually exclusive identity factors, the idea is clear, but the road is long and arduous. First of all, the cultivation of citizens is mainly young groups of national identity, but also the reasonable collocation of interaction between good countries within the identity of various elements, so that the formation of effective linkage both; secondly, efforts to eliminate the negative effects of national identity, national identity, to realize various social strata, the identity between the benign interaction. Generally, positive national identity needs to establish tough shell on the legitimacy foundation of protection, at the same time to have cohesive soft cultural core. Such a state entity is full of vitality and positive energy society. But to achieve this architecture, Arabia world has a long way to go.

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