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Research on the economic effects of national customs

Author: DengYao
Tutor: ZhuQiCai
School: Yunnan University of Finance
Course: Political Economics
Keywords: National customs Culture productivity Informal institution Social capital Economic development of the cultural mechanism research
CLC: K892.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Along with the infrastructure and the political economic system graduallyimprove, minority region economy obtained the vigorous development. But informalsystem construction can’t keep up with economic development. Therefore, it isnecessary to attach importance to the value of the national economic development,culture, rational utilization and development of national culture in order to better therole of culture to economic and social development, promote the development ofethnic areas and progress.The research of this paper mainly includes three parts, a total of seven chapters.Including the first chapter to the fifth chapter is theory research, chapter6is spotinvestigation.chapter7is countermeasure research.The first part of theoretical research, the main content is as follows:1, ethnic customs and cultural productivity. Customs is defined as a social peoplein certain society, established by modeling the way of life, is a national of the peoplein the material life and cultural life form a common habit. And folk customs can bereferred to as the folk culture, it is people’s cultural life, with people’s specifichumanities, the natural environment are closely related. Custom in a nation’s life, thediet, clothing, housing, etiquette, festivals, marriage, funeral, fuses and so on, madesense of the whole national customs. Folk customs have a collective, regionality,stability and variability, inheritance and normative characteristics. For ethnic minorityareas, ethnic customs as a part of culture, there are important cultural productivity,first ideology is based on objective material conditions of generation and development,custom as objective and concept of soft environment affects the producer. Second,producers of various kinds of behavior by the established rules of constraints andconstraints, the established customs in objective constraint incentive role of producer.Finally, customs, as a kind of cultural resources, is one of the producers developmentuse of critical resources. Therefore, customs not only is an important part of culturalproductivity, productivity is also an important manifestation of cultural productivity. 2, customs and economic link mechanism. There is important to contact customsand economic development, in its unique way for social and economic developmenthas the important role cannot be underestimated. Generally speaking, the maincustoms has guiding function, condensation function, incentive and constraintspecification function and evaluation function. Custom has relative stability, mass andmandatory, by default, plasticity and economical characteristics of fuzziness, anddemand for investment, technological innovation plays an important role, at the sametime play a stable running of market economy to the market economy, transfer marketinformation, guiding behavior of market economy, the custom of the positive effectand negative incentive system innovation to its inherent hindering the development ofmarket economy operation mode, the habitual thinking and inherent to the mandatorynorms to a certain extent restricts the innovation activities, customs, irrational factorsmay cause the negative effects of conflict with the objective economic laws.3, ethnic customs of informal system function. Since customs is the importantfactor of the formal system, and then the analysis of the custom is inseparable fromthe analysis of the informal institution. Informal institution is the formal systemcorresponding to the concept, it refers to the act on people’s unwritten restrictions,including moral beliefs, customs, cultural traditions and ideology. With spontaneity,non-mandatory, universality and continuity, etc. Its formation is a long process.Informal institution by influencing factors such as consumption, investment, importand export to economic growth plays an important role. Customs has helped build andinformal institution in modern property rights, contribute to the formation of localsmall and medium-sized enterprises, help to guide the economic value of economicactivity.4, ethnic customs of social capital. Customs is an important social cultural capital.Social capital is a kind of possession, through "institutionalized relationship network",and to obtain the actual or potential resources collection, is conducive to promotecollective action specification and trust network. In communities and ngos as thecarrier, it is a continuation of the culture, the informal system. Social capital has theincremental and cumulative, scale effect, the productive and economic value of negotiability of capital property, has become, sociality, externalities, input and outputhas the unique nature of the capital such as imbalance. Customs in many aspectsdirectly or indirectly plays an important role in the development of economy, mainlyreflected in the following aspects; A, reduce information cost. Second, reducetransaction costs. Three, saving the cost of system implementation.4, help to solvethe "tragedy of the Commons". Five, contribute to innovation and development andsharing of knowledge.The second part is the field investigation and study, namely the sixth chaptercustoms investigation and study of the impact of national economy, in Dali bainationality as an example. Main "structured interview" is adopted to collect data,using the case study method in the study of the field of Dali xizhou town has carriedon the on-the-spot investigation, the comprehensive overview xizhou town basicsituation and the basic customs, on the basis of the mode of production of custom baiin Dali region selection effect, custom bai in Dali region affect the effect of socialdivision of labor, to bai bai customs area effect of property rights and enterprisesystem has carried on the empirical research. Through field survey, we think thecustoms of a region of the mode of production, the division of labor, property rightsand enterprise system has important effect, the economic development in nationalregions have important the effect that cannot ignore.The third part is the countermeasure research, that is, chapter7to custom as themain body of culture mechanism research of economic development in nationalregions. In yunnan ethnic minority areas economic development on the basis of thestatus quo, to build custom as the main body of the ethnic minority areas economicdevelopment in the cultural mechanism, puts forward some Suggestions. A, customculture and the non-material cultural protection and development mechanism of thebuilding, including the government-led cultural resources allocation mechanism,reasonable take various capital operation system, set up perfect education, publicitymechanism. Second, village customs, rural culture and the mechanism of new ruralculture construction in national regions, the main contents are: adjust measures tolocal conditions of the characteristic development path, is given priority to with leading industry, cultivate the market of rural culture, improve cultural policies,deepen the rural reform of cultural system, attach importance to scientific andtechnological innovation, improve the quality of the rural cultural industry. Three,ethnic customs, festivals, culture and the construction of cultural industry and culturaltourism mechanism, including the construction of brand projects the overall culture,promote implementation of the tourism industry planning mechanism, theimplementation of the development of cultural industry agglomeration mechanism,perfect the cultivation of the higher talents training mechanism, theimplementation of the internal and external market and the development ofthe mechanism. Fourth, ethnic minority areas under the customs mechanismconstruction of the harmonious relationship between social economy, thecontents are as follows: in line with the construction of a harmonious societyand scientific development concept, guide the development of ethnic areas,to build a harmonious society in national regions should correctly handlerelations between nationality and religion, democracy legal system safeguardand promote the construction of a harmonious society in national regions.Fifth, national customs and the construction of social public managementinnovation mechanism in ethnic minority areas, which are divided into: systemlevel of social and public management system innovation, organizational levelof society.

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