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Analysis of Tongling Bronze Culture in Forklore

Author: FanPeiPei
Tutor: ShenZuo
School: Anhui University
Course: Folklore
Keywords: Tongling Bronze culture Folklore Representative culture
CLC: K892.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2014
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Bronze culture occupies a prominent position in the history of human civilization. Bronze age of Chinese history happened in the dynasty of Xia, Shang and Zhou, during that period, a large number of bronze artifacts unearthed, which have a high historical value. Tongling, in the south of the Yangtze River, is one of the main areas that unearthed more bronzes than other places in China. The area of Tongling not only unearthed a lot of bronzes, but also left a lot of ancient sites for bronze mining as well as some related bronze casting literature. Therefore, it can be said that Tongling bronze culture holds a long history, and has a significant impact on this city in now days.Bronze is a part of and closely related with people’s lives, which is mostly reflected with some facts that happened in ancient times that, from bronze mining and smelting to the use of bronze in daily lives and some beliefs of bronze-related culture. The deep study of bronze culture in Tongling can let us gain some more information of the daily life of the ancient people in Tongling, and treat Tongling bronze culture from the perspective of the public point of view. A lot of positive results of the previous studies on Tongling bronze culture have been gained. The author of this thesis absorbs and learns from some positive information that gained by our predecessors, and then, from the perspective of folklore, explores Tongling bronze culture. In the end, the author hopes to make some progress in studying Tongling bronze culture. The author of this article selects Tongling bronze culture as the research object, and tries to grasp Tongling bronze culture with detailed historical data and extensive field surveys.The thesis is divided into five chapters:The first chapter is an introduction, including the reason in selecting of the theme, and the purpose and significance of studying Tongling bronze culture, as well as research methods. And the first chapter puts emphasis on introducing the research situation of Tongling bronze culture and its research results.The second chapter is an overview of bronze culture in Tongling, including introducing some main unearthed bronzes from the Warring States Period to the Ming and Qing Dynasty, so as to making a clear understanding of the situation of Tongling bronze culture by the unearthed bronze information. Due to the unearthed bronzes in Tongling are a lot, the second chapter introduces27representative bronzes that are classified according to the their species, and their unearthed sites, invented ages, shapes, characteristics, collection units and so on.The third chapter describes Tongling bronze culture and its local material production. It’s well acknowledged that material production plays an indispensable role in people’s lives. Take bronze production for example, mining and smelting are two main process for bronze production, and Tongling bronze history of mining and smelting can be traced back to the Qin dynasty in China, since that dynasty then, bronze production got through a road with twist and turn in Chinese history. The history of bronze production in Tongling is an epitome during the development process of China’s bronze mining and smelting, which shares a special status and influences deeply. This chapter also introduces the production tools for smelting, refining sites and men of letters who used verses to decribe the bronze production situation of mining and smelting in the history of Tongling, which can show that bronze production in Tongling was developed wonderfully and prosperously.The fourth chapter explores the relationship between the Tongling bronze culture and folk life. Bronze culture is closely connected with people’s lives, and in the domain of folklore, the folk life encompassing almost everything, including dietary customs, religional beliefs, and some legends, which are closely linked with bronze culture. From the perspective of the folklore, this chapter explores the relationship between bronze culture and folk life.The fifth chapter is an analysis of the characteristics and connotation of the bronze culture. Firstly, Tongling bronze culture reflects the special historical process of Tongling and the special contribution of the people to their country. Secondly, Bronze culture of Tongling reflects local people’s character of collectivism, and their shared temperament has a strong inherent life-force and keeps moving non-stop. Finally, bronze culture of Tongling is deeply linked with local people lifestyle. All in all, the bronze culture has become one of the "representative culture" in Tongling.

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