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The Research on Historical and Political Philosophy of Hu Yin

Author: YinYeChu
Tutor: YanZheng
School: Nankai University
Course: Chinese Philosophy
Keywords: Hu Yin Historical and Political philosophy "Zhi Tang’s HubtleViews Through Interpretating History" " Huxiang school"
CLC: B244.99
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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"Zhi Tang’s Hubtle Views Through Interpretating History" is one of the mostimportant historical works written by a well-known scholar Hu Yin. Hu Yin grew upin a deep academic family and his research was influenced by " Huxiang school"aswell as the force of the period in which he lived. His lived between the era of theSouthern Song Dynasty and the Northern Song Dynasty when the national crisis wasunprecedented serious because of the domestic trouble and foreign invasion. Themain purpose of Hu Yin’s research was how to get rid of the threat from Liao andGold barbarian and how to end up turbulent domestic social contradiction so thatrealize the unity of the state and the peace and stable that people lived." Zhi Tang’sHubtle Views Through Interpretating History " embodied his political thoughts.In" Zhi Tang’s Hubtle Views Through Interpretating History ", Hu Yin selectedhistorical theme from "History as a mirror" and paid attention to the priori criteria of" justice" and "orthodox" to evaluate the historical events and characters. Hispurpose was to designe for the orthodoxy of history and reality, rubuke the usurpedthieves, manifeste benevolence and righteousness, attache importance to theConfucian skill, establishe "Three cardinal guides of Confucianism", and riseenlightenment. Hu Yin’s theory has very strong political criticism consciousness andshow moral and rational tendency by used the Classics to judge history and usedHistory to prove the Classics. The view not only was Hu Yin’s philosophy of history,but also was his social and political ideology.On one hand, in order to explain the change in all things in the reality of life,Hu Yin inherited the gas theory in the traditional culture that held the external worldwas gasificated with Yin and Yang constantly. The external world was life andgrowth in nature; On the other hand, Because Hu Yin was deeply affected by NewConfucianism of Zhang Zai, Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi and so on, he consciouslyaccepted the challenges from Buddhism, Taoism, Metaphysics’ theory, andconstructed the ontology of Neo-Confucianism with "justice" as the focus in the field of thought. He thought that there had fundamental" justice" in changingeverything. In the political field, just as the " justice" which was eternalexistence,it keeped the three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues asspecified in the feudal ethical code without change.For the sake of maintaining the position of Confucian value, Hu Yin started tocriticize Buddhism, Taoism, Metaphysics’ theory. He emphasized "Yixia Debate"which showed the bright science spirit. According to the Social and historicalconception which advocated "The Morality of God" in the pre-Qin period andcombined with the development of Neo-Confucianism thought in Song Dynasty, HuYin formed the Social and historical conception that advocated "The Justice of God"as the standard of it. The concept of social and history showed the form of "TheJustice of God" by critically analyzed the historical events and characters into clearappearance. He also realized the Situation of the real was constantly changing, so theneed for Strengthen or weaken the real practical system in order to promote thedevelopment of social and history.Hu Yin always insisted on the pursuit and desire for the Feudal system and theWell Field system in his historical view on the period of "Three Generation" anddesired to lead the advance of history and transform the social and political realitythrough the" spring and autumn annals" ethical standards. So his thought had distinctidealism. Hu Yin put the universal noumenon Destiny or Heaven as mankind’s basicpolitical idea as well as the ultimate goal of the realistic political pursuit. From thestandpoint of Confucian benevolence, he launched critique for political values ofBuddhism, Taoism, Legalism and Wang Anshi’s "New Policy". Therefore Hu Yinfurther demonstrate the traditional Confucian ideal political system pattern, namelythe rule by virtue pattern which attached great importance to the ruler’s moralcultivation and attached great importance to the objective etiquette that werecomplementary relationship.Looking at Hu Yin’s historical and political philosophy which interpretatedthrough the form of comments on history, the practical and theoretical significanceof his study mainly reflected the positive impacted on "the National FundamentalPolicy" in the Southern Song Dynasty and provided reference on academic research direction and ideology purport for the later researcher. Sima Guang and Zhu Xi allrespected Confucianism and attached great importance to the political enlightenmentof the history. As Zhu Xi and Hu Yin had studied on Sima Guang’s "history as amirror", and had commented on the historical figures and events in the "history as amirror". Their thoughts represented the basic paradigm that Confucianism reflectedon the history and politic at that time. Hu Yin was just between the two importanthistorical figures.With comparative analysis, we can find his thought manifestimportant historical significance in his forebears and followers. It will beirreplaceable academic value for us to Objectivly and dialectically analyze Hu Yin’shistorical and political philosophy and its historical status and role for understandingthe evolution of Confucianism and its social effect on the Song Dynasty.

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