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The Effects of Rejection Sensitivity on College Students, Social Maladjustment

Author: ZuoJingLin
Tutor: WangXiHua
Course: Applied Psychology
Keywords: rejection sensitivity social interaction maladjustment self-esteem social anxiety attentional bias
CLC: B844.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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According to Professor Huang’s theory of Chinese Face and Relationship, ProfessorDowney’s Relationship Sensitivity Questionnaires and related literatures, it was selectedcollege students as subjects,and applied questionnaires and interview study methods, andscientific statistics and measurementto develop a scale of college students’ rejectionsensitivity in this paper. And then use it and the self-Esteem Scale and the Social AnxietySubscale of the Self-Consciousness Scale as tools to explore the characteristics of collegestudents’ rejection sensitivity and social anxiety and the partial mediating effects of RejectionSensitivity between them. Meanwhile the dot-probe paradigm and mixed experimental designwere adopted to explore the features of attentionalto social acceptable words and socialrefused words between subjects with lower and higher level of rejection sentivity respectivelyand their effects on peer relations. For the purpose that enrich the relevant investigation aboutrejection sensitivity in collective culture of China and provide certain referenced rules for thecounseling work about interpersonal harmonious in colleges and universities. The results ofour research are as following:1、The rejection sensitivity questionnaire of college students had17items, includingthree main factors: the affective needs, the instrumental demand and the mixed demand.Cumulative contribution rate49.965%. Scale Cronbachα0.836, three dimensionsCronbachαbetween0.67~0.83. The questionnaire shows good content validity, and the date fitthe questionnaire structure model. RMSEA=0.059, IFI, CFI, MFI, GFI, AGFI are all between0.816~0.919. Each dimension was moderate,0.333~0.548, and less than dimension of thecorrelation between the score and total sore,0.720~0.854. Questionnaire shows goodreliability and validity.2、In general, with the range of102and326score, college students’ rejection sensitivityscore shows a normal distribution. According to statistical standards and ecperience, morethan260.6score means a high level of rejection sensitivity and less than87.6means a lowlevel of rejection sensitivity, accounting for7.34%and8.07%of the sample respectively. For 3、college students with a high level of rejection sensitivity, the psychologicalconflict is stronger than the demage in real life.4、Students of arts and students majored in science and engineering are not significantdifferences on the score of social rejection sensitivity questionnaire, as well as students withwork experience and without experience. The level of undergraduates’ interpersonal rejectionsensitivity is higher than that of postgraduates, while there was no significant differencebetween any grade. In gender, men’s rejection sensitivity score are higher than women’s scoredistinctly, and the singleton shows lower level of rejection sensitivity than non-singletondistinctly.5、Comparing with the norm of scale, college students’ social anxiety total level is notvery high. Expect grade and work experience have significant difference, differnt gender,different major, singleton and non-singleton have no significant differences on the score ofsocial anxiety. The level of undergraduates’ social anxiety is higher than that of postgradeuatesremarkably, and the students’ without work experiences social anxiety are more serious thanthe students’ who owned work experiences. College students’ rejection sensitivity wasnegatively related to self-esteem, and positively related to social anxiety, which wasnegatively related to self-esteem either.6、Self-esteem and the rejection sensitivity of affective needs can predict social anxietyto some extent, and the college students with the lower level of self-esteem and higher degreeof interpersonal rejection sensitivity tend to have social interaction maladjustment further.Self-esteem partially mediated the effects of Rejection sensitivity on social anxiety.7、Without the social pressure, individuals high on social rejection sensitivity tended toshow attentional preference to the social acceptable words, while lowly rejection sensitivityindividuals showed preference to the social refused words. Under the social pressure, highlyrejection sensitivity individuals had a tendency of showing attentional avoidance to the socialacceptalbe words as well as the social refused words, and in constrast, there was no obvious attentional bias for individuals low on social interpersonal rejection sensitivity in theexperiment.

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