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Study on Engineer Group's Status Attainment

Author: RenJuanJuan
Tutor: ZhaoWanLi
School: Nankai University
Course: Sociology
Keywords: high-tech enterprises engineer groups social status status attainmentmechanism
CLC: C912.6
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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Nowadays, the engineer activities is increasingly institutionalized and the engineer groups is gradually professionalization, Status attainment has special significance for the engineering and technical personnel with complex role, Because it means not only that the engineers developed their career, but also that engineer groups won recognition, status and occupational prestige in the occupational hierarchy. Thence, link the engineers that work in high-tech enterprises with status attainment issue, reveal the status attainment situation of technical elite that often employed in the outside system, examine its influential factors, and investigate their status attainment mechanism, will have very important theoretical and practical significance not only for recognizing the living condition of engineer, clearing the particularity of the mode of engineer’s status attainment, but also for understanding the relationship between technology and society. Therefore, this study investigated the status attainment of engineers which work in high-tech enterprises using empirical research data. Findings:Education is a very important social stratification variable. Compared with other occupational groups, the educational attainment of engineers which work in high-tech enterprises is overall high; the stratified trend of educational status attainment is relatively weak, but it still shows irregular and inverted trapezoid structure that is wide at the top, narrow at the bottom, and big in the middle; The educational status attainment of engieeers that work in high-tech enterprises is deeply embedded into family background, their educational status attainment is the result of family background factors that characterized as mothers’education, parents’occupations, interviewee’s registered residence of14years old. At the same time, the analysis of associated mode and functional mechanism of family background and children’s educational status showed that education has a dual function of status inherit and cultural flow, it may become the tools that superior social class strengthen their hierarchical order, and it may also become the ladder that inferior social class achieve upward mobility. In addition, Research on educational status attainment mechanism of engineer groups have shown that not only exist status inheritance mechanism with characteristic of direct and indirect mechanism of action, but also cultural flow mechanism with characteristic of extrinsic motivation mechanism, intrinsic restraint mechanism and personal ability mechanism.Occupational status is one of the most important social status in the modern society. Compared with other occupational groups, the occupational attainment of engineers which work in high-tech enterprise is overall preference; Meanwhile, there is a very obvious trapezoidal structure in terms of occupational status stratification within the groups, and the stratified trend of their first job’s status attainment is significantly higher than the present job’s; According to the degree of importance, the stratification variables that determine the level of engineers’ occupational status are salary, technical titles and position; Although the occupational attainment of engineers which work in high-tech enterprise show a certain degree of advantage class status inheritance, but did not show a very significant class segmentation characteristics; Furthermore, the occupational status attainment of engineers that work in high-tech enterprise and often employed in the outside system is the common result of formal and informal mechanism that affirm and negate performance principles.Occupational mobility is a kind of persistent social phenomenon. Compared with other occupational groups, although occupational mobility of engineers which work in high-tech enterprises is very stable, however they not only maintained a high level of cross-organizational occupational mobility, but also a high level of intra-generational and intergenerational vertical upward occupational mobility; Occupational mobility of engineers which work in high-tech enterprise is result of ascribed and self-induced factors, however, these two types of factors show significant negative effect to the quantity of occupational mobility of respondents, but show a significant positive effect to the dimension of occupational status. At the same time, the mode of action of ascribed factors like family background explain that respondents’ intergenerational occupational status change showed significant liquidity rather than inherited characteristics; In addition, although respondents mainly rely on universal and formal access to information mechanism, and standardized, process-oriented job search bihavior to achieve corss-organizational oppucational mobility, but the occupational mobility process of engineers which work in high-tech enterprise is still affected by social factors, and some factors’effect has been far beyond the stage of access to information and job application that discussed in this study.Generally speaking, engineer groups of high-tech enterprises is a typical medium or high gradation occupational groups with high level of education, high-income and high mobility; There is more apparent status stratification phenomenon within engineer groups of high-tech enterprises, and the occupational status attainment’s stratified trend is significantly higher than the educational status attainment’s; Whether it is the educational status attainment, occupational status attainment or occupational status mobility of engineer groups, are all the result of intellectual factors that reflect the principle of universality and social factors that reflect the principle of specialty, but social factors play a role by the intellectual factors at any latitude of status attainment; At the same time, the mode and direction of action of social factors indicate that the respondents’status attainment showed significant liquidity characteristics of intergenerational disadvantage class status, rather than inherited characteristics of intergenerational advantages class status; In addition, the status attainment mechanism at any latitude even show significant diversification, duality characteristics; Based on this, this study suggests that the engineer groups of high-tech enterprise not only has the intelligence role, engineer groups’status attainment is not fully complied with the performance principles. Therefore, in order to create a more fair, just engineering professional environment, we should guide, innovation and control the course of status attainment by promote china’s engineer system reform, accelerate the growth of engineer professional organizations, and strengthen the development of engineer continuing education, etc.

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