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Study on Chinese New Democratic Economic Theory

Author: ChenShouZhe
Tutor: WangYiWu
School: Hainan University
Course: Political Economics
Keywords: Democratic economic theory The economic theory of the primary stage of socialism Comparative Study Modern sense
CLC: F092.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Democratic economic theory is in the unique situation of the old China, the actual result of the combination of Marxism-Leninism with China, a semi-feudal and semi-colonial economic backwardness large agricultural country, and the wisdom of a long-term struggle of the Chinese Communists. The crystallization Experience is also successfully explore a basic summary of economic theory with the first step in building a Chinese-style socialist process. The main content of the democratic economic theory constitute an important part of the new democratic scientific system, many of its ideas is a theoretical source of the economic theory of the primary stage of socialism for economic exploration of socialism with Chinese characteristics for reference theory data. Comprehensive and systematic study of democratic economic theory has a weight of theoretical and practical significance for us a profound understanding of the economic theory of the primary stage of socialism, and continuously push forward the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics. This article adhere to the use of epistemology and methodology of Marxism, history and logic of unity, normative analysis and empirical, adhere to the principle of linking theory with practice, the use of the process of law, law method of analysis, comparison with the comment in reference and integration on the basis of the China New Democracy Economic Thought, holistic and systematic research focus from the perspective of the political economy of democratic economic theory; democratic economic theory and economic theory of the primary stage of socialism comparative study and evaluation of the democratic economic theory to explore the pros and cons of this theory and the revelation of the social construction of modernization with Chinese characteristics. The formation of democratic economic theory is not accidental, the idea of ??Marx and Engels on the path of social development of the East, Lenin's \, after sprouting, the formation, development and maturity of four processes, democratic economic theory only are new democratic economic theory of the formation of the criticism of the social systems of the old China and the non-socialist economic theory, theory of origin; officially formed a complete theoretical system. In the the democratic economic process of building before and after the founding of New China, the Communist Party of China, focusing on the central task of the new democratic society, a variety of economic issues, the development of industrialization to consolidate the new democratic system and transition to a socialist economy, many depth exploration of major issues, and proposed a series of principles and policies on democratic economic construction. Exploration of democratic economic theory, not only promote the development of the Anti-Japanese War and the War of Liberation, and the early days of China's new democratic economy, but also for our country provides a lot of valuable experience in the new era of socialist modernization, has great theoretical and practical value. Today, in the new era, when we are advancing and deepening the reform and then build a harmonious socialist society, democratic economic theory provided for the development of our current economy many useful insights. Namely: building socialism with Chinese characteristics, it is necessary universal truth of Marxism with the concrete practice of the Chinese combination, should correctly understand and grasp the basic national conditions of the primary stage of socialism; want to explore the development road suitable for China's own situation, adhere to the market economy development with Chinese characteristics ; should be based on China's national conditions, to take a new road to industrialization; want to adhere to the concept of scientific hair, choose a strategy and the path of scientific development, achieve good and provincial development; attention should be paid to the \To safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses of the people, embodies the essence of socialism, and to share the results of the reform to achieve social harmony.

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