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Research on Wushu Taichi technology evolution trend

Author: MaLin
Tutor: WenZuoHui
School: Chengdu Institute of Physical Education
Course: Ethnic Traditional Sports
Keywords: Zixuan Taijiquan Technology Trend
CLC: G852.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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In the long history of martial arts development, flowing flowerscan be seperated, mapping out of colorful movement technology. Martial artsdevelopment up to now, one of the competitive wushu is line with international sports,the development of competitive wushu is the national sports, was one of thecomprehensive strength also show and one of the path of the promotion of theChinese nation excellent traditional culture. Zixuan Taijiquan belongs to the one ofcompetitive wushu project. Wushu championships in1996and appeared theembryonic form of wushu Zixuan Taijiquan, namely in42taijiquan adaptation, on thebasis of athletes can be according to the category of the choreographed routines, andincreasing the difficulty to specify action, thereby, to improve the routines of technicaldifficulties, difficulty in QiPing equal conditions, increased competition, competitiveand comparability;2003years later, he carried on to further customize taijiquan oftechnology has made the new requirements. This a series of measures to break thetaijiquan mode of technology development, laid the foundation for Zixuan Taijiquantechnology development. With the development of competitive sports and ZixuanTaijiquan technology level continuously improve, throughout the Zixuan Taijiquancompetition, its technology is also shown in the formula, but in different periods ofthe game that the Zixuan Taijiquan technology is also different. Therefore, This paperadopts literature data method, questionnaire survey method, interview method andlogical analysis, mathematical statistics and video analytic method and comparativeanalysis research methods, from the following two aspects, on the one hand,combined with the corresponding requirements of the wushu competition rules, andfrom1996to2012, the national martial arts competition free tai chi routines in thevideo game related data; Settings, on the other hand, survey questionnaire, visitingexperts and martial arts events related personnel (referees, coaches and athletes). AsZixuan Taijiquan repertoire mainly action changes the content arrangement, practicelevel of difficulty of change and the evolution of technology in such aspects as themain research content, to further customize taijiquan game video data parsing,comprehensive statistical results of questionnaire survey and the related requirementsof the wushu competition rules, the influence of the summary induces the ZixuanTaijiquan technology the development and changes in different periods, so as toexplore its development trend. Results show that the Zixuan Taijiquan in futuretechnology development trend will develop from the following six aspects: first, themotion content tend to be more careful; Second, the movement content innovationtend to be standardized; Third, the "music" of the harmonic rationalization;Fourth, jumping difficulty tends to dominate; Fifth, the difficulty movements tend tobe equalization; Sixth, technology policy guidance. The six aspects, supplement eachother, each occupy the important position in the Zixuan Taijiquan technologydevelopment, to deal with the relationship between the six aspects, further enhanceand improve the Zixuan Taijiquan technology.Through the trace Zixuan Taijiquan technology in each s development course,explores Zixuan Taijiquan technology development trend, from the above six aspectsof Zixuan Taijiquan technology development trend, hope can the theory system ofZixuan Taijiquan technology for reference, in Zixuan Taijiquan training at the sametime, can have some help on its technology practice; In the Zixuan Taijiquan, canmake its technical improvement; In terms of audiences, appreciate for theirtechnology can form a few reference role. Thus, to promote further development ofZixuan Taijiquan techniques in today.

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