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The Research of Measurement and Recognition of the Human Microcirculation Parameters Based on Image Processing Analysis

Author: ChenYuan
Tutor: ZhaoZhiMin
School: Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Course: Precision instruments and machinery
Keywords: microcirculation image enhancement parameters measurement ST image blood flowvelocity measurement blood cells tracking blood vessel recognition
CLC: TP391.41
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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The parameters of the microcirculation are the indictors for the health of the human, which shown theimportant reference value in pathological and physiological aspects. Automatic detecting andrecognizing the patterns of microcirculation securely and efficiently have important effect in preventingthe disease occurrence and the therapeutic drug monitoring. However, the traditional way for theparameters of microcirculation detection was via manual measurement, which was not onlytime-consuming, but also lack of measurement accuracy. To handle this shortcoming, some researchersdeveloped the techniques for automatic detection of the parameters of microcirculation by usingcomputer analysis.Although great advantage progress obtained in the automatic detection of the parameters ofmicrocirculation based on computer analysis, there are still lots of problems should be furtherresearched. In order to improve the development of microcirculation, and promote the research ofautomatic detection and recognition of microcirculation based on computer analysis, we have doneseveral studies in the following aspects.First, according to the fact that the microcirculation images captured by non-destructive opticalimaging method were usually with uneven illumination background, strong noise and low contrast, theillumination correction method was studied, and then the microcirculation images enhancement methodbased on Contourlet transform was proposed. The enhancement of microcirculation images wererealized, which improved the images visualization effect.Second, in order to realize the parameters of microcirculation automatic detection, the parameters ofmicrocirculation automatic detection method based on video frame sequence was developed. By usingthe developed method, the automatic measurements of geometric parameters were realized. Thedecision criteria for the area that with a vascular or not was proposed; the algorithm for automaticiterative extraction of blood vessels centerline was proposed, which including automatic selection ofthe seed points, the iterative algorithm design and stopping criteria establishment; the fast calculationmethod for the boundary, diameter and curvature of blood vessel were researched. The statisticalcharacters of the measured parameters for abnormal microcirculation recognition were analyzed.Third, aim at the complication of the measurement of blood flow velocity in different types ofmicrocirculation blood vessels, the method for velocity measurement based on ST image wasresearched. A new method for measurement of the flow velocity of microcirculation based on a quadrature filter banks was proposed. The precision and robustness of the proposed method were alsocompared with the existed methods. The reasons for the failure measurement were also discussed. Theresults showed the superiority of the proposed method.Fourth, in order to realized the automatic tracking and measurement of the motion of blood cells ofmicrocirculation, the method for blood cells tracking and measurement based on ST image wasproposed. The ST image enhancement method based on multiscale directional filters was designed, thenoise suppression function and orientation filtering function were designed, the traces thinning andbifurcation traces cutting algorithm were designed, and then the blood cells tracking and velocitymeasurement were realized. The way of the parameter selection of the filter was analyzed. Thelimitations that a single trackpath for blood cells tracking were discussed.Fifth, to resolve the helpless tracking of the complicated motion of blood cells in microcirculation byusing a single trackpath, a method for blood cells tracking based on three trackpaths was researched.The automatic grouping criteria of traces candidates was proposed, the fusion criteria of tracescandidates was proposed, which realized the automatic blood cells tracking. In order to verify thevalidation of the tracking results of blood cells, the validation verification criteria of blood cellstracking was proposed. For the situation that three trackpaths were not enough for tracking the motionof blood cells in larger blood vessel in microcirculation, a method based on multiple trackpaths wasresearched. The traces fusion criteria of multiple trackpaths was proposed and the criteria of optimalnumber of trackpaths selection was proposed. Finally, the direction of the multiple trackpaths selectionwas discussed.Sixth, in order to realize the computer aided diagnosis for microcirculation, the automated recognitionmethod was researched. After the parameters of microcirculation were measured automatically, theparemeters were formed as the feature vectors and the pattern recognition method were employed toautomatically classify and recognize the microcirculation. The results show the proposed method canbe applied in disease assistant diagnosis efficiently.

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