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Study on Precise and Quantitative Nitrogen Application for Super High Yield of Maize

Author: WangDeCheng
Tutor: LuWeiPing
School: Yangzhou University
Course: Crop Cultivation and Farming System
Keywords: Corn Super high-yielding Variety Precise quantitative N application
CLC: S513
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Physiological Provincial Key Laboratory of experimental field crop cultivation in Yangzhou University from 2008 to 2009, the test to study the Screening clear Suyu 20, the two 20 varieties Xundan locally with super high yield (13500 ~ 15000 kg · hm- 2) on the basis of the potential, calculated in accordance with the ultra-high-yield target yield nitrogen rate yield accurate quantitative fertilization test and expect to achieve ultra-high-yield target and explore the nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium absorption and utilization of nutrients and Stanford equation parameters, and to determine the test varieties nitrogen precise quantitative fertilization techniques to provide a theoretical basis and technical basis for corn yield planting. The main findings are as follows: 1. Different nitrogen treatments with Suyu 20, Xundan 20 grain yield under different nitrogen treatments Suyu 20 Xundan 20 Grain yield significant differences when nitrogen fertilizer 495 kg · hm -2 when the highest yield Suyu 20 Xundan 20 were 16784 and 16287 kg · hm-2 in 2008 and 2009 production and direct path coefficients of total grains Suyu 20 0.9949 ** 0.9892 ** Xundan 20 0.9922 ** 0.9755 **, indicating that the increase in production was mainly due to the increase in total grains. Parabolic change with the increase in the amount of nitrogen production, nitrogen application rate and yield regression equation between Cheng Suyu 20 Y =-0.1504X2 156.49X - 23 899 (R2 = 0.9992 **); Xundan 20 as Y = - 0.176X2 177.07X - 28304 (R2 = 0.9994 **). 2. Different nitrogen treatments Suyu 20 Xundan 20 nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium accumulated impact of the different periods of plant nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accumulation parabolic change with increasing amount of nitrogen. Nitrogen rate of 495 kg · hm-2, the highest total accumulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, Suyu 20 were 353.9kg · hm-2, 175.2kg · hm-2 and 195.2kg · hm-2; Xundan 20 342.2kg · hm-2, 178.9kg · hm-2 and 204.0kg · hm-2. The maturity of each organ nitrogen accumulation and yield regression analysis, the regression equation: Suyu 20 Y = -7320.42 87.67X1-409.72X3 134.07X7, its direct path coefficients were: 0.2552, -0.5072,1.2266; the Xundan 20 Y = -1140.67 324.42X2 4.39X3-236.84X5 56.68X7, its direct path coefficients were 0.5426,0.0054, -0.2283,0.6857; production by grain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium accumulation by the above equation the greatest impact. Highest yield when nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium accumulation ratio are 1:0.5:0.9. Different growth stages Suyu 20 Xundan the 20 nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium accumulation and production relations. Suyu 20 Xundan 20 production life groups, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, an increase of the total accumulation increases. Emergence to jointing (X1), jointing to flowering (X2), flowering to maturity (X3), nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, total accumulation and yield multiple regression analysis, the regression Fang Cheng Suyu 20, respectively, for Y = -1716.11 73.1X2 49.92X3, direct path coefficients 0.9897,0.9765; the Y = -9956.79 1099.89X3, direct path coefficients .9649; Y = -2303.404 370.48X2 The direct path coefficient of 0.9871. Chun single 20 respectively Y = -1599.45 66.3X2, 53.93X3 direct path coefficients 0.9954,0.9896; the Y = -11315.13 1189.55X3, direct path coefficients .9702; Y = -4678.51 130.41X2, direct path coefficient of 0.9825. That to increase production must continue to increase the total amount of group life of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium absorption, strong emphasis on increasing the flowering period to maturity of phosphorus uptake and jointing stage to the flowering of nitrogen, potassium uptake. 4, nitrogen Stanford indicators parameters determine Suyu 20 in the basis of soil fertility yield (6052 kg · hm-2), soil at maturity for nitrogen to 170.95 kg · hm-, on this basis, the highest yield (16784 kg · hm-2), 100kg grain nitrogen demand is 2.11 kg, nitrogen utilization rate is 37%. Stanford determined to achieve the target yield (15000 kg · hm-2) when the nitrogen application rate (nitrogen) 389.2kg · hm-2. Xundan 20 in the basis of soil fertility yield (6171 kg · hm-2), soil at maturity for nitrogen 159.73kg hm-2, on this basis, the highest yield (16287 kg · hm-2), 100kg of grain nitrogen demand is 2.10 kg, nitrogen utilization rate is 36.9%. Required to achieve the target yield (15000 kg · hm-2) nitrogen fertilizer (pure) 420.0 kg · hm-2.

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