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County Economy in Shandong Province

Author: XiangLanLan
Tutor: TaoChuanPing
Course: Marxism in China
Keywords: county economy Status and role There is a problem Development Suggestions
CLC: F127
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Comrade jiang zemin at the party’s sixteenth national congress, the first timevery clearly mentioned to "strengthen county economy". In2009, premier wenjiabao proposed "through various channels to promote the farmers’ income. Todevelop the characteristics of modern agriculture, agricultural products deepprocessing and sales, develop rural secondary and tertiary industries, accelerate theconstruction of small towns, strengthen county economies." In2011, premier wenjiabao put forward further:"vigorously develop the rural non-agricultural industries,strengthen county economies, improve farmers’ vocational skills and entrepreneurial,income-generating ability, promote the farmers transfer employment on the spot orin the vicinity." This is the party and the government of theory and practice of theresults of years of research, this research will promote the county economy into anew stage.XianZhi originated from western zhou dynasty, over thousands of years historyof development, county economy is an important part of national economy. Countyeconomy as a function of relatively complete and system is relatively soundeconomic system, has the foundational, regional, independent, comprehensive,gradation and hub. In the economic development of our country, county economy isthe foundation of rich countries qiangming, is the pillar of the national economy, isthe development of the national economy, China’s new economic growth pole;Development of county economy in our country, urban and rural economy as awhole, coordinate development, to the construction of new socialist rural areas, tospeed up the villages and towns of rural industrialization, urbanization, isadvantageous to the our country comprehensive construction well-off society goal.So the research of county economy, change the county economy, county economydevelopment is important topic in today’s economic development.In this paper, from the development history of the county economy, analyses theposition and role of the county economy in the national economy, emphasizes theshandong province county territory economy development the necessity and urgency.In view of the development of county economy in shandong province put forwardthe corresponding proposal, with su economic development as an example, analysisthe feasibility of the recommendations.Shandong share of county economy in the entire national economy national economy than other coastal economically developed provinces, shandong,91counties and cities of the province’s139counties,65.47%of the proportion is higherthan jiangsu and guangdong provinces. Shandong county population accounts for theprovince’s population density of72.7%, the largest in the four provinces. Countyeconomy share of big, large population, is the social and economic development inshandong and jiangsu, zhejiang and guangdong have a certain gap compared.Since the reform and opening, county economy in shandong province stridesdevelopment. Province county territory economic work conference in2003, opinionon accelerating the development of county economy, implementation of promotingthe strong help the weak zone in the middle of the "double three" project; In2006ona new starting point to promote the opinions of the fast and good development ofcounty economy, further refinement and deepening the policy support; Deployed in2008in the new starting point to promote the prosperous common people strongcounty new cross; In2009, the province county territory economy developmentpattern has had the obvious change, industrial structure adjustment of9.5,55.8,34.7,and accelerate the development of county economy, urban and rural residents livingstandards improved significantly; In2010, the province’s122counties (city, area)implementation’s GDP totaled3.28trillion yuan, accounting for84.1%of theprovince, local fiscal revenue was156billion yuan, accounting for56.7%of theprovince;2011county economic power continues to increase, the local financeincome over1billion yuan of county (city, area) reached81, among them2billionRMB40,3billion yuan of21, longkou, zouping, shouguang, tengzhou, zhucheng5counties (cities) of more than$4billion. County economy development in ourprovince has achieved obvious results, had great development, has now entered thetransformation and upgrading, key breakthrough, the key stage of overall ascension,but still faces some new contradictions and problems.Strengthen the government-led, developing county economy as a whole, canprovide a good environment for the county economy development and reasonablepolicy, and the appropriate support and guidance, so as to speed up the overalldevelopment of county economy in shandong province.This article adopt in the process of writing the literature reading method,on-the-spot investigation method, the combination of macro and micro methods.Innovation point of this article is: first of all, the topic is novel. Su development byleaps and bounds in recent years, in shandong province in2011in the national pollamong32counties city, in shandong province various counties in the city, the top economic power. Su see nearly a decade of economic development, related to thedevelopment of the characteristic and development way adequately, worthy ofin-depth study, so as to seek better countermeasures for shandong province countyterritory economy development. Second, handling well the whole, the relationshipbetween general and specific and special. This paper, from the origin of the XianZhi,Outlines the concept and characters of the county economy as a whole. Second, thefocus of county economy in shandong province, research status and problems ofcounty economy in shandong province, to seek related developmentcountermeasures. Finally, case study, focusing on su of the county economy inshandong province, further defined the shandong province county territory economyin the process of development direction and countermeasures.

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