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Research on Construction Land Reserve Development Model in the Urbanization Process

Author: LiuLu
Tutor: MaZhiLi
School: Chongqing University
Course: Management Science and Engineering
Keywords: land reserve development optimization mode the collective constructionland land transfer
CLC: F301.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Land reserve development has a very important significance in many inspects.They are improving the efficiency of the allocation of land resources, strengtheningthe government’s macro-control capacity of the land market, and promoting the city’splan balanced development. In the process of exploring the implementation of the landreserve development, various local governments gradually gave birth to a number ofrepresentative models and practices. However the problems such as how to coordinatethe relationship between government and the market, how to allocate land revenuerationally, and unreasonable compensation of land expropriation have been found.Besides, the times put forward higher requirements for the development of land reserves,such as the accelerated process of urbanization with the urban land extensive expansionand the contradictions of farmland protection, the dual urban-rural land managementsystem, urban-rural integrated development. Therefore, the research on land reservedevelopment model has very important theoretical value and practical significance,regarding promoting intensive and highly efficient use of urban and ruralconstruction land in the context of urban and rural development.Land reserve system was first implemented in the Netherlands, Sweden and otherEuropean countries. Since land reserve system was successful in most countries, andachieved good results, many countries around the world are beginning to implementthis system, Therefore, this article firstly learn specific approach of foreign landreserve development system, summarized the common experience of the foreignsuccessful implementation of the land reserve development system: set up a specialpublic authority; widely establishment of a land bank; set diversified financing channels;conferred on the government pre-emptive right generally;its focus on protecting thepublic interest; emphasis on reserve in accordance with the law.Secondly this article summed up the government-oriented mode is a distinctivefeature of China’s land reserve development, and analyzed the advantages anddisadvantages of government-oriented mode. Comparative study of three typical landreserve development model could provide a reference value for the choice of theland reserve development model, through teasing out the characteristics of theserespective mode and the results of implementation.Furthermore, this article proposed to take public-private cooperation to develop land; diversify financing channels; introduce the public participation mechanisms intoland reserve development, and other measures, for the problems in the current landreserve development model. By using game theory to analyze relationship betweenthe relevant stakeholders in the development of land reserves, the author also proposedmeasures to improve everyone interest in land allocation.Finally, to promote the overall development of urban and rural collectiveconstruction land would be incorporated into land reserve development. The articlecreated new land expropriation and collective construction land system as the core tobuild urban-rural integrated land market. Land reserve exploration would becomethe new platform for urban and rural land transactions.The innovation of this article mainly in the following three aspects:First, through the comparative study of the development model of the typical landreserve at home and abroad, this article provide a reference value for the choice of theland around the reserve development model.Secondly, this research takes the behaviors of stakeholders in land reservedevelopment as the objects of study. On the basis of game theory, it proposed measuresto ensure that the interests of the three parties can achieve. At the same time it hasrealized the optimizations of land reserve development mode. The key point lies inpublic-private cooperation to develop land and the design of the specific operationalprocedures.The third is building urban-rural integrated land market. The article designedthe framework of urban-rural integrated land market, new land expropriation andcollective construction land circulation system as its core. In the context of urbanand rural development, this article provides a new direction for exploring institutionalchange path of China land reserve development.

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