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Study on the Adaptability and Certification Strategy of FSC-COC Certification in Chinese Wood Furniture Industry

Author: Wang
Tutor: WuZhiHui
School: Nanjing Forestry University
Course: Furniture Design and Engineering
Keywords: Wooden furniture Forest certification FSC-COC Adaptability Strategies
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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In the view of that FSC will still be stable and rapid development in the future, its impact onChina’s furniture industry will not eliminate in short-term. In order to promote forest certificationin the Chinese wooden furniture industry, we should clear the motive, problems and obstacles,opportunities and challenges adopting FSC-COC certification, and present the certificationstrategy to provide technical support to wood furniture industry, improving the capacity torespond it, transformation and upgrading.This thesis does the following research and exploration:(1)Through the analysis of the wood furniture industry development in China, this thesispoints out that Chinese wooden furniture industry is facing the plight of sustainable development.The research on the impact of green certification closely related Chinese wooden furnitureindustry including forest certification proves that green certification is an international marketpermits access to international markets, also an important way to achieve sustainabledevelopment, can make industry passive upgrade. Chinese wood furniture enterprises should seethe opportunities behind challenges of green certification including forest certification, toconform to this green development trend of upgrading and sustainable development initiative.(2)This thesis the first time points out that the scientific nature of the COC certification ismainly reflected in four aspects: the source can be traced back, labels and declarations,third-party certification and universal adaptability of the system operation. This thesis also pointsout the necessity that Chinese wooden furniture industry adopts COC certification. The impactsof FSC-COC certification a representative of the international forest certifications are: marketaccess, profits, the domestic market and industry consolidation. This thesis does a quantitativeresearch on the changes of costs and benefits of Chinese wood furniture industry adopting FSC-COC certification taking medium-sized wood furniture enterprise for example. The results showthat the corporate profits will decrease by9.32%in the case of that the enterprise adopts thecertification for export access with product sales unchanged. Until February2012, a total of328furniture companies obtained FSC-COC certification, most coastal export enterprises, as opposedto the total amount of the Chinese furniture industry is still small, accounting for only2%-3%.(3)This thesis does theoretical analysis on the adaptability of FSC-COC certification in theChinese wooden furniture industry with SWOT and comparative analysis. Through thecomparative analysis of three major aspects of the adaptability these three systems in Chinesewooden furniture industry: the degree of the policy regime, market acceptance and thedevelopment and acceptance of the industry, we found that three systems in the almost same levelof adaptation overall. Judging from the specific indicators, PEFC and CFCC have a betteradaptation in the policy and institutional environment of China than FSC. But FSC has a betteradaptation in the market development and acceptance of the industry than the other two systems. (4)This thesis does empirical analysis on the adaptability of FSC-COC certification in theChinese wooden furniture industry with survey and regression analysis. From the survey on thewood furniture enterprises, we found that the certification power still comes from the demands ofoverseas markets. The regression analysis results show that the lack of supply of raw materials isthe most significant element restricting our enterprises adopting certification. The survey reflectsthat FSC-COC certification is still the forest certification system the largest and the mostly ableto adapt and meet the developing demand of Chinese wooden furniture industry. Consumersurvey results show that China’s consumer market is still low level of awareness of forestcertification system. Just that most consumers do not want pay higher to certified products thansimilar products.(5)This thesis does analysis on the certification cases of enterprises A and B, different sizeand different response capacity.Enterprise A and B are two enterprises represent a large andmedium-sized furniture enterprises of different stages of certification.(6)On the basis of the summary and reference of forestry-related industry experience,combining with the characteristics of the Chinese wood furniture industry, this thesis putsforward strategies to deal with FSC-COC certification: enterprises need to raise awareness of thecertification; need to make certification decisions according to their own conditions anddeveloping needs; need to respond to the risks and improve response capacity in the process so asto consolidate the internal system.(7)On the basis of the experiences successful policies and measures promoting forestcertification internationally, the author considers that a mechanism need to be build, with policy,industry associations and enterprises playing a role in order to promote the process Chinesefurniture industry adopting the forest certification. Correct incentives and support, industryguidance and technical assistance are needed for enterprises to actively cooperate with the"green" into the strategic decision-making, accelerate the process of promoting forestcertification.

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