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The Taurus Methods Choose a Technology Research

Author: YangYong
Tutor: WangChunFeng
School: Tianjin University
Course: Senior Business Administration
Keywords: the Golden Bull Strategy the Goddess Theory the stock-select methodbased on historical induction
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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At present, financing and investment has already been the important part of Chinese, especially the urban people’s life.On March9,2012, the second plenary of the eleven session of the five meetingof the CPPCC National Committee was held in the Beijing’s Great Hall of the people.The member of the CPPCC, Feng PeiEn demonstrated that the decline range ofShanghai stock market was21%and the decline range of Shenzhen stock market was28%last year, which were the biggest all over the world. He almost pointed out that87%of the investors whose amount was50million in Chinese stock market sufferedloss which was40K Yuan per capita. Meanwhile, the loss of institutional investorswas more than400billion Yuan.Sina carried a investigation about investment profit in2011which involved84.4K net users. It find that there were34.9%of investors whose loss rang was morethan50%,34.1%of investors whose loss rang was between30%~50%,20.1%ofinvestors whose loss rang was between5%~30%. The total amount of loss rate was89.1%.It was lucky to keep profit and loss balance in2011, only4.9%of investorssucceeded. Besides,3.2%of investors’ profits ranged between5-30%,2.7%ofinvestors’ profits were more than30%.The author Yang Yong (describe as Raining hill as follows) entered the Chinesestock market in2000, then entered the Hong Kong stock market and the U.S. stockmarket in2009. In2010, the author began to study EMBA course in TianjinUniversity. At the same time, the author continued to do the research on the mostsuccessful investment approaches in the global stock market to establish a goodinvestment strategy which is adapt to China’s capital market. Through2years of hardworking, Raining hill summarized all the factors from4dimensions which were stockselection, time selection, stock trading and human nature, and proposed his theory of"Raining hill’s time and space5432golden bull strategy".Given the length constraints, this article focuses on the analysis and summary ofstock selection strategy. Through explaining five sets of stock selection method, thearticle demonstrated the stock selection technique is the base of successful stockinvestment. the author propose the solution-the golden bull strategy through analyzingthe advantages and disadvantages of stock selection methods in Chinese market.Firstly, the base camp industries of bull stock were filtered by doing statistical analysis to bull stocks in Chinese and foreign history. These industries are:consumption, medicine, resources and information industries. Among these,consumption and medicine are the common industries in Chinese and U.S. stockmarket.Secondly, the author found the three first-class genes of bull stocks which are themonopoly of brand, the monopoly of competition and the monopoly of scarceresources by analyzing the strong driving force of corporate earnings. And thisprovided the basis for seeking bull stocks and judging their potentials.Thirdly, the author proposed the Goddess Theory based on the Keynesian beautycontest theory and Buffett’s wife-chosen theory, and set the standards of Goddess.Finally, the article summarized that luxury industry stocks are the focus of bull stocksdigging by analysis on enterprises’ profitability and growth and product marketing.The advantages and disadvantages of the stock-select method based on historicalinduction, the stock-select method based on bull stocks’ gene and the stock-selectmethod based on the Goddess Theory are compared in present article. And the relationbetween the golden bull strategy and the other three methods above-mentioned, therelation between the stock-select method based on the Goddess Theory and author, thecontribution of the stock-select method based on the Goddess Theory aredemonstrated in present article.At last, the validity of goddess stock-selection method was proved by largeamount of the author’s stock trading practice.

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