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An Empirical Study on the Construction of China’s Regional Financial Center

Author: LiJing
Tutor: ZhuXianPing
School: Jilin University
Course: Regional Economics
Keywords: Financial Center Competitiveness Evaluation? Driving Factors
CLC: F832.7
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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In this paper, the construction and development of China’s regional ifnancialcenter has been researched based on China’s ifnancial data of31provinces during2005-2011,using the method of Econometric Analysis. During building the China’sregional ifnancial center, the orientation is blurry and the macro planning is lack. Inorder to solve the above problems, the quantitative analysis for analysisdrive factors、competitiveness and economic effects of the regional ifnancial centerhas been done.Combined with the actual development situation in various regions,a clear guidancepolicy suggestions was put forward for the construction of ifnancial centers indifferent regions of china. The speciifc contents are as follows:1.A review of the theoretical framework of the regional ifnancial center has beendone. The connotation of ifnancial centers were expatiated from two aspects of thenecessary and hierarchy of ifnancial centers. The drive facts of ifnancial centers wereexpatiated from four aspects of regional economy,economy of scale,informaitonspillover and the government. It is found that during building the China’s regionalifnancial center, the orientation is blurry and the macro planning is lack.2.In this paper, the competitiveevaluation of China’s31cities has been done.20specific index of insurance, trust business, banking, securities industry evaluationsystemwas selected, the results show that Guangdong> Henan、Sichuan> Liaoning andShaanxi are the most competitivere spectively in easternarea、northeastarea、northwestarea、 eastern area and western area for insurance industry. Beijing、Guangdong、Jiangxi、Chongqing、Heilongjiang and Shaanxi are the most competitivefor aiffance industry. Zhejiang、Guangdong> Shanxi、Sichuan> Liaoningand Shaanxiare the most competitive for banking industry. Beijing、Guangdong> Shanxi、Sichuan>Liaoning and Shaanxi are the most competitive for securities industry.In conclusion, Shenzhen、Zhengzhou、Shenyang、Chengdu and xian are the most competitive.3.In order to explore the suitable city as a regional ifnancial center, thequantitative analysisforthe driving factors of the regional ifnancial center has beendone. The index was selected as independent variable from the regional economy,economy of scale, information spillover and the government and the entropy ofbanking and insurance industry was selected as variable based on analysis for databetween2005and2011.The results show that, Driving factors of ifnancial center arecommon in the eastern and western regions in the insurance and banking. The mainfactors driving of ifnancial center are regional economic factors、economy of scalefactor and government factor.4.The selection and layout of regional ifnancial center should consider the maxeffect of economic growth. The city has the largest contribution to economic growthis suitable to build Regional ifnancial center.The panel data model that the entropy ofbanking and insurance industry was selected as independent variable and increasing ofGDP was selected as variable has been built. The results show that there was apositive correlation between the ifnancial center and regional economic growth,regional economic growth level is higher,more obvious economic effect of ifnancialcenter. From the results we can see that Beijing、Hubei、 Liaoning、Guizhou andGansu are suitable to build regional ifnancial centers.5.The selection and layout of regional ifnancial center should also considermaximize the effects of the upgrading of the industrial structure. The actual conditionshows that the industrial structure of different regions in the process of upgrading isright. Based on the past research, the panel data model that the proportion of the sumof the tertiary industry and the second industry and GDP was selected asindependent variable and the entropy of banking and insurance industry was selectedas variable. The results show that Beijing> Hubei、Liaoning、Chongqing and Shaanxiare suitable to build regional ifnancial centers.6.According to analysis the formation and development of London、New Yorkand Tokyo,it is found that the international ifnancial center all have developedeconomy、 steady policy、superior geographical position and freedom market environment. Finally this paper put forwards recommendations for China’s regionalifnancial center selection and layout of the policy: the Yangtze River Delta areaifnancial center needs a clear positioning; Beijing ifnancial center should be combinedwith its unique political advantage and has a clear difference from Shanghai; Tianjinshould develop the offshore ifnancial business; the Pearl River Delta region shouldrely on Hongkong,and actively explore Shenzhen ifnancial center; in the centralregion,Zhengzhou should be focus on as a regional ifnancial center; in the westernarea, Chongqing should be focus on as a financial center, Chengdu as a secondaryregional ifnancial center; in the northwest area Xi’an should be focus on as a ifnancialcenter, in the Northeast, Dalian should be focuson as a regional ifnancial center andChangchun as a secondary regional ifnancial center.

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