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Regional Differentiation Characteristics and Evolution Mechanism in Chinese Insurance Industry

Author: XuFang
Tutor: LiuBingLian
School: Nankai University
Course: Regional Economics
Keywords: Chinese insurance industry Regionaldifferentiation Characteristics evolution mechanism
CLC: F842
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2012
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Risk protection, funds facility and social management are the salient features ofinsurance, which could protect economic development strongly. In recent years,increasing trend of rapid developing of Chinese insurance industry as a whole and itsspatial variation is more obvious, actually affect the insurance industry onsustainable development and function effectively. At the same time, the results oftheoretical studies on the insurance industry is constantly enrich, but rarely study thespatial aspects, let alone to establish the theoretical framework of spatial variation,resulting in a very superficial understanding of insurance industry differentiationtrend and extent, fractionation mechanism and influencing factors. Sincerely,insurance regulatory system and the industrial layout is lack of the necessarytheoretical basis.The doctoral dissertation about the insurance industry space differentiationestablished a theoretical analysis framework. Starting from the spatial variation ofthe connotation, according to the different spatial properties of the elements,insurance agencies, insurance business and insurance functions, divide it into threetypes of insurance district. Divided into three categories regional, provincial,regional level, make use of the spatial imbalance index measure the degree andprocess of differentiation. Two decades, the insurance industry differentiationpresented stage characteristic "U" shape and the growing phenomenon of differentdegree of departure, based on the perspective of market players to build a spatialdifferentiation of the insurance industry FCII model, analyze the monopolisticcompetition, increasing returns, the spatial flow of factors or production and otherfeatures, research the formation and evolution mechanism of spatial differentiation,come to the conclusion that economies of scale, space costs, institutional factors andthe local market, as well as the local market and its amplification effect, the marketcrowding effect are two types of different power, simulate numerically the spatialvariation of the insurance industry self-reinforcing changes in the path. On the basisof theoretical studies, we use panel data regression model and the Shapley valuedecomposition to empirical test the four factors and their mechanism, determinatequantitatively the contribution of various factors, come to the conclusion thatinstitutional factors and space costs lead to spatial differentiation, scale incrementand the local market are important conditions. In the end, using time series and theHP filter, empirically analyze the spatial variation trend, conclude thatself-reinforcing of differentiation at least a longer period which verified Williamsinverted U-shaped curve does not exist in a longer period to Chinese insurance industry, contrary to the existing main conclusions.Innovation of the dissertation:First, proceed from region of space from the insurance industry, quantitativeanalysis of the differentiation process and trend, building spatial differentiationmodel and empirical test, build a theoretical research framework, try to expand theperspective and methods of insurance theory, find a theoretical basis for thesustained and coordinated development and policy research to insurance.Second, using geography economic thought and freedom capital model, combinedwith industry features, organically linked the microstructure close to the motivationof profit-driven insurance companies and insurance industry macro spacedifferentiation, establish and use the FCII model system to derive the fourinfluencing factors and two types of differentiation power of the spatial variation,explore the industrial spatial differentiation mechanism, explain the intrinsicmechanism and evolution path, is an useful attempt to expand the space of economictheory to finance and insurance industry.Third, from two levels of the three types of region and provincial areas, usingrespectively imbalance index which could measure economic growth, measure theextent and evolution trend of spatial variation, make use of panel data and theempirical test of the Shapley value decomposition method, estimate thedifferentiation contribution of the four factors, analyze the formation mechanism ofdifferentiation from the measurement level rather than analytical description whichimprove the insurance space theory.Forth, the explanation, research and empirical test, discuss the differentiation trendof the insurance industry in a longer period, put forward that it is difficult to perceivethe changes characteristic of Williams inverted U-shaped curve for Chineseinsurance.

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