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Experimental Study on Combustion Characteristics of Corn Straw in a Fixed Bed

Author: ZhangFangShi
Tutor: ZhuQunYi;LiZhengQi
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Thermal Power Engineering
Keywords: cornstalk layer-combustion fixed bed combustion character
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Along with the lack of energy source and the environment depravation, our country has been faced with a series economy and environment problems. In one aspect, the energy requirements of people are increasing with the development of society and the wastage of energy are amazing. The non-regeneration energy such as coal, petrol, nature gas is facing the danger of dry up. In the other aspect, the using of fossil energy make the environment getting worse, especially the produce of a large volume of carbon dioxide which result to the global climates’temperature increasing. All of above make the environment deteriorate that cannot reverse. So the researchers begin to think much of the utilization of biomass. Grate combustion is an important means. Biomass combustion in stoker-fired boiler is an important way to reconstruct small power plant unit and grate furnace, the research of biomass combustion characteristic in stoker-fired boiler has important of application of the value.In this paper, we have a base research and discussion about the layer-combustion character of corn stalk in a fixed test-bed. We mainly use the caudex of corn stalk in the process of experiment. And at the condition of that average air section flow rate at a const rate that G m =0.053 kg/m~2·s, we have study the effects of primary air temperature, humidity of corn stalk, length of corn stalk and the changes of mixture primary fuels to the character of sample’s combustion character by test the temperature, the concentration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide of inner test-bed.After these works, we obtain the effect rules of primary temperature, humidity of cornstalk, the length of cornstalk and mixture of fuels towards the combustion character of mass, combustion rate, non-burning out scale of carbon and nitrogen oxides.

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