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The Composition of Gliadin and HMW-GS in Some Wheat Varieties and Its Quality Effect

Author: WangZhengYang
Tutor: NiuJiShan
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Crop Genetics and Breeding
Keywords: Wheat Gliadin HMW-GS Quality character Diversity
CLC: S512.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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A-PAGE and SDS-PAGE method were utilized to analyse the gliadin and HMW-GS compositions of representive wheat cultivars in Huanghuai area, and analyse the relationship of gliadin and HMW-GS with quality characters which include protein content, wet-gluten content, sedimentation value, water absorption and stabilization time. Main result as follows:99 new domestic wheat cultivars or lines were analyzed by acid polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (A-PAGE),and a total of 2 192 protein bands were identified with 106 different relative mobility rates in the examined wheat accessions. Both bands of No. 9 and 11 had the highest present frequency of 82.11%, 38 bands had low present frequencies below 10%, and the other 66 bands had 10.53% ~ 64.21% with higher polymorphisms. Each accession had 15 to 30 bands, most of them ranged from 18 to 24. The genetic distances (GD) of the examined materials varied from 0.07 to 0.73, with an average of 0.59. All the examined accessions could be divided into 4 clusters. Compared with the genetic diversity at gliadin loci in wheat germplasms reported previously, the genetic distance is becoming short between new cultivars or lines. Genetic base of new lines is relative strait.The HMW-GS compositions of 166 common wheat germplasms in Huanghuai wheat zone were analyzed by SDS-PAGE. The results showed that in analyzed cultivars or lines there were 3 kinds of subunit alleles at locus of Glu-A1 (Null, 1 and 2*), 8 allele combinations (7+9,7+8,14+15,6+8,13+16,13*+19*,17+18,7) at Glu-B1 and 3 allele combinations (2+12,5+10,5+12) at Glu-D1. The frequency of good quality bread making subunits combination of 14+15 and 17+18 were 0.6% and 3.61%, that of 5+10 and 5+12 were 38.55% and 12.66%. The frequencies of subunit combinations of“2*, 7+8, 5+10”and“2*, 7+8, 5+12”were both 0.60%,“1, 14+15, 5+10”and“1, 17+18, 5+10”were 0.60% and 1.81%. So strong wheat breeding is base on 5+10 and 5+12 subunits at Glu-D1, and select 14+15, 17+18 and 7+8 subunits at Glu-B1. Weak wheat breeding is base on 2+12 subunit at Glu-D1, and select 6+8, 7+9 and 13+16 subunits at Glu-B1.The relationship of gliadin and HMW-GS with quality characters which include protein content, wet-gluten content, sedimentation value, water absorption and stabilization time is close. The analysis of variance and regression on 33 germplasms were carried out. The result is that the difference of 5+10 and 2+12 subunits is not salient in mean of quality characters. It is different with most of advices that the rate of contribution has no diversity in processing quality between 5+10/5+12 and 2+12 subunits. Its reason waits for further studying. The analysis of linear regression of gliadin and HMW-GS with quality characters were carried out by SPSS. The result indicated , the sedimentation value was obviously positive effected by gli21.7、gli35.7、gli61.4. the rate of contribution of Glu-A1 and Glu-B1 were higher than Glu-D1. Quality characters were weakly effected by 5+10 and 2+12 subunits, between of them with no obvious difference. Moreover, quality characters were more effected by gliadin than HMW-GS.

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