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Experimental Study of Improved Cyclone Desander Applied to River Water Source Heat Pump System in Upper Yangtze River Area

Author: JiaoLiRong
Tutor: JiangWenChao
School: Chongqing University
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: River water source heat pump system Cyclone desander Feeding tube Overflow pipe Central air duct
CLC: TU831.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Water source heat pump as an efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, is conducive to the sustainable development of advanced technologies in the construction of energy-saving air-conditioning is widely used. Chongqing, a city rich in surface water (especially river water) and a good amount of water, water temperature and water quality conditions, river water source heat pump technology is considered to be the most suitable in Chongqing, the most promising forms of renewable energy construction and building energy use the most powerful means. However, because of the Yangtze River and Jialing River water quality high sediment concentration, water and water treatment technology is the key to limiting its use to promote. Analysis suggested that using cyclone desander for the upper Yangtze River water source heat pump, the device of having, without adding chemicals and no chemical sludge, easy operation and maintenance, etc., is appropriate technology choices. However, the current market cyclone desander products are still unable to meet the upper Yangtze River raw water and heat pump water quality requirements and will require targeted research and development. In this paper, the surface water source heat pump systems research status were reviewed Chongqing Municipal Development river water source heat pump system on the basis of the analysis of the conditions for water source heat pump for water indicators, combining the hydrocyclone is the water source heat pump system, application status, etc., was proposed for the river water source heat pump system performance requirements cyclone desander that fine particles of silt on high separation efficiency, low energy consumption, and to adapt to the river water source heat pump system operating characteristics . In response to these requirements, the cyclone desander research status reviewed, and available on the market cyclone desander products FXDS100-PU-II-type cyclone desander simulation experiments Yangtze River water in addition to the sand, and ultimately raised through increased cyclone desander feeding tube diameter overflow pipe diameter, in the center to join the center air duct way to reduce energy consumption cyclone desander main findings are as follows: ① customized according to research group improved FXDS100-PU-II-type cyclone desander on Fine Sediment removal has some effect, but the overflow water source heat pump units fail to meet water quality requirements. To obtain a lower overflow water sediment content, you need a higher energy loss. ② Di feed tube diameter increases from 32mm to 39mm when, at the same feed pressure, cyclone desander processing capacity increased by 20%, the unit flow to reduce energy consumption by about 10%, and had little effect on the separation . ③ Do overflow tube diameter increases from 30mm to 35mm, 40mm when, at the same feed pressure, the hydrocyclone's handling capacity of the unit flow rate to reduce energy consumption, but the overflow pipe diameter increases on the separation effects are to some extent. Overflow pipe diameter increases, the higher the concentration overflow. ④ increase the central air duct, the pressure at the same feed, the hydrocyclone's ability to increase processing, reduce energy consumption unit flow. With central air catheter insertion depth increases, the cyclone desander processing power increases. When the insertion depth at 40cm, the unit energy consumption can be reduced flow about 17%, but the overflow ran rough most serious phenomenon, separation worst. Insertion depth of 20cm when separation is better, and lower energy consumption. ⑤ In the FXDS100-PU-II type hydrocyclone structural parameters, based on the equivalent diameter of the feed tube to increase the 32mm 39mm, 35mm diameter from the overflow pipe increases to 40mm, central air duct insertion depth 20cm, Desander better performance. Improved new cyclone desander compared with conventional water treatment processes in the area there is a great advantage; and FXDS100-PU-II cyclone desander compared to the same pressure drop (0.08MPa), processing significant improvement in the separation performance changed little, and the cost of the product without significant changes in the technology economically viable. In this paper, the theory of cyclone desander research and cyclone desander in surface water source heat pump system application such as a certain guiding role of some of the improvements on cyclone desander industry also has some reference.

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