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Mu Us Sandland inland lake wetland class soil physical and chemical properties of different

Author: YuMiaoZi
Tutor: SunHu
School: Shaanxi Normal University
Course: Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating
Keywords: Mu Us Sandland Wetlands Physical and Chemical Properties
CLC: S152.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The wetlands are the most important addition to the forests, oceans on Earth ecosystem. It has to change the drought and flood conditions, stable water supply, water purification, regulate the function of the level of ground water and protect the coastline. Inner Mongolia region due to the ongoing development of wetland resources in recent years, resulting in the region, the gradual deterioration of ecological environment, the degradation of wetlands is a very serious problem. In this thesis through a comparative study of three of the Inner Mongolia Haotong qagan nur wetlands typically soil, meadow soil, sandy soil and interdune depressions soil system, provide basic theoretical basis for the rational utilization of wetlands in Inner Mongolia and technical reference, the data provide a basis for the sustainable use of wetlands and to maintain the stability of the ecosystem. The main findings are as follows: (1) show that the determination of the mechanical composition of the soil, the plots of soil are sand. With the increase of soil depth, little change in the proportion of meadow soil grain size of soil particles. Sandy soil and interdune depressions soil, the smaller particles gradually increased. All plots the average of the entire soil silt content of the the meadow soil gt; the interdune depressions soil gt; sandy soil. The average of the clay content that the the interdune depressions Soil gt; meadow Soil gt; sandy soil. (2) The lower organic carbon content of the soil of the study area. The mean soil organic carbon content of the three land categories in descending order of the gt of the the interdune depressions soil (0.76%); meadow soil (0.24%) gt; sandy soil (0.12%). The vertical direction, the meadow soil organic carbon content is reduced with the increase in soil depth, sandy soil and interdune depressions soil organic carbon content increased with increasing soil depth. (3) Among the pH value of the average descending order as meadow soil (9.22) gt; sandy soil (9.03) gt; the interdune depressions soil (8.50). The three plots pH value decreases with increasing soil depth. (4) the average of the three types of soil conductivity descending order: interdune depressions (0.52ms/cm) gt; sandy soil (0.40ms/cm) gt; meadow soil (0.30ms/cm) . The meadow soil conductivity decreased gradually with the increase of soil depth, sandy soil performance rebounded after first decreased, the interdune depressions soil gradually rise. (5) the determination of soil calcium carbonate: calcium carbonate content of the soil in the district average of descending order of the sandy soil (67.63 g / kg) gt; the interdune depressions soil (62.92 g / kg). gt; meadow soil (46.81g/kg). Three samples showed higher than the upper part of the soil for the lower part of the calcium carbonate content of the soil. (6) on soil physical and chemical properties of the correlation analysis showed that in the horizontal direction the soil powder clay and calcium carbonate content was not the same between negatively related (0.10 lt; p lt; 0.05). Soil organic carbon content and the ph value in the horizontal direction is a significant negative correlation (0.10 lt; p lt; 0.05). Soil ph value and conductivity was a significant negative correlation (0.10 lt; p lt; 0.05). No significant correlation between the other physical and chemical properties. (7) The correlation analysis showed that indicators of change in the vertical direction, with a kind of in between different physical and chemical properties tend to have a significant, but not the same to the same indicators in most cases are not uniform between changes in natural conditions change, the main factor in the change of the profile by wind erosion, water evaporation and groundwater natural factors, not necessarily linked and constraints between each other.

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