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The Suppression Method on Timing Jitter of High Rate Solitons Transmission System

Author: ZhangHongQiang
Tutor: ZhuBo
School: Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Course: Optical Engineering
Keywords: Optical soliton communication Solitons Timing jitter Time domain frequency domain composite control law Dispersion management method Stable transmission
CLC: TN929.11
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2012
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Mutual interference between adjacent solitons multichannel soliton transmission system, the transmission rates up to 10Gb / s growing impact of factors such as higher-order effects makes the the soliton stable transmission problems a new situation, how to limit the interference factors, to protect the stability of the soliton transmission, soliton for ultra-high-speed optical communication systems interaction, fiber loss and amplification technology affect the the soliton stable transmission technology analysis and research, the study of time-frequency composite control method and dispersion management program various parameters in the mathematical model with the transmission distance changes, the mathematical analysis of soliton interaction, self-steepening, self-frequency shift, the adverse impact of many higher-order effects on the soliton stability, and to study the inhibition of soliton interference factors. design a 160G high-speed multi-channel soliton transmission system, simulation and analysis on the role of multi-channel soliton timing jitter values ??and a variety of different methods of soliton timing jitter value changes. First, the reference to the theoretical analysis of many literature, were summarized on a variety of factors that affect the soliton stable transmission long-distance high-capacity wavelength division multiplexing system, cited a high-speed long-haul wavelength division multiplexing system generates timing jitter various factors. Secondly, the introduction of a multi-channel dispersion-managed soliton transmission model and theoretical analysis, derivation of the variational method multichannel dispersion-managed soliton nonlinear evolution equation parameters as the transmission distance and analyze it, and then introduced soliton amplification and transmission control technology as well as the principle of timing jitter generated various disturbances. Again, considering the conditions of inter-channel WDM soliton system interaction, according to the transmission evolution equations of soliton interaction, since the mechanism of steep and higher order Raman scattering effect of timing jitter, using time domain and frequency domain composite inhibit soliton timing jitter control method and numerical simulation 160G WDM system soliton timing jitter value. Finally, the study the multichannel Soliton pulse compression and broadening prechirp, and dispersion-managed soliton WDM system mathematical model to analyze and design the system parameters, to ensure that after a dispersion control cycle, the parameters of the soliton able to return to the initial pulse, in the the soliton stable transmission of the basis of the above, the numerical simulation of dispersion management method of timing jitter inhibition.

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