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Metastable Equilibria of the Quaternary System (K+, Mg2+//Cl-, SO42--H2O) at 50℃ and the Ternary System (K2SO4-MgSO4-H2O) at 50℃ and 75℃

Author: ChenDaiWei
Tutor: DengTianLong
School: Chengdu University of Technology
Course: Analytical Chemistry
Keywords: Salt-water system Metastable equilibrium Potassium salt
CLC: O642.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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In this paper, isothermal evaporation method were studied quaternary system K Mg 2 / / Cl - the SO 4 2 - - H 2 O at 50 ℃ and its ternary sub-system K 2 SO 4 - MgSO < sub> 4 - H 2 O at 50 ° C and 75 ℃ metastable equilibrium relationship between measured solubility of the liquid phase in the system and the main physical and chemical properties (density, viscosity, refractive The rate and pH). Quaternary system dry salt water Figure and ternary system phase diagram is drawn based on the experimental data, and, at the same time draw the physical and chemical properties - composition diagram of the system. Ternary system K 2 of SO 4 - the MgSO 4 - H 2 O at 50 ℃, 75 ℃ when the metastable phase diagram are hydrates type Ⅱ, has a double salt generated. The system in the two temperatures are a total of two full points, three solubility curves and three crystalline phase region were K the SO 2 4 MgSO 4 · 6H 2 O and K 2 SO 4 · of MgSO 4 · 4H 2 O crystalline regions. In contrast to the stability of the phase diagram of the corresponding temperature of 50 ° C metastable phase diagram, and the stable phase diagram has the same crystallization region, the solubility curve almost overlap, the description of the system to a lesser extent at 50 ℃ metastable; FIG than the stable 75 ° C metastable phase The phase diagram of the Lan less crystalline regions MgSO 4 · 6H 2 O and K 2 SO MgSO 4 · < sub> 4 · 4H 2 O crystalline regions corresponding to expand, more serious phenomenon of metastable system in the temperature. Physical and chemical properties metastable system solution - composition diagrams visible, the metastable equilibrium density and refractive index of the solution regularly change with the content of K in 2 SO 4 first increased and then decreased in E2 at a maximum, minimum value K 2 SO 4 edge at the point. K , Mg 2 / / Cl - , SO 4 2 - - H 2 the O four yuan the metastable system for 50 ° C dry salt Figure 6 full 13 solubility curve and eight crystalline regions. 8 crystalline regions corresponding equilibrium solid phases were of MgCl 2 · 6H 2 O, K 2 SO 4 , MgSO 4 · 4H 2 O, KCl · MgCl 2 · 6H 2 O, K 2 SO 4 · MgSO 4 · 4H 2 O, KCl · MgSO 4 · 6H 2 the O over MgSO 4 · 6H 2 O, KCl crystallization zone, there is no solid solution produced three complex salt zones are K 2 SO 4 · MgSO 4 · 4H 2 O, KCl · MgSO 4 · 6H 2 O and KCl · MgCl 2 · 6H 2 O. With corresponding 50 ° C when the stable phase diagram comparison: the more stable metastable phase diagram phase diagram at least a total of 2 full point under metastable conditions, anhydrous potassium, magnesium and alum (K 2 SO < sub> 4 · 2MgSO 4 ) crystalline regions disappear, the the magnesium sulfate crystallization District (MgSO 4 · H 2 O) crystalline regions into four magnesium sulfate (MgSO 4 · 4H 2 O); K 2 SO 4 crystal area larger, the metastable phenomenon under metastable conditions, sulfate is more serious. The physical and chemical properties of of four yuan metastable system solution (density, viscosity, refractive index, and pH value) with K content changes regularly change. At the same time, the application combined Pitzer theory, and improved the HW formula, the quaternary system at 25 ℃ K , Mg 2 / / Cl - , SO 4 2 - - H 2 O stable equilibrium solubility of the theoretical calculations were compared with the experimental values ??obtained satisfactory results.

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