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Research and Implement on Control of Miniature Fuel Cell Hybrid Power System

Author: WangLei
Tutor: ZengJie
School: Dalian Jiaotong University
Course: Traffic Information Engineering \u0026 Control
Keywords: The direct methanol fuel cell Super capacitor Hybrid
CLC: TM911.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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With modern society consume a lot of energy, traditional energy sources become increasingly unable to meet human needs, in particular, put forward the strategy of sustainable development and environmental protection, human development and utilization of new energy to become an extremely important topic. Wherein the fuel cell is as high a conversion efficiency and environment friendly new energy, and its mechanism is the use of oxygen in the fuel and air in a chemical reaction, generates a current at the same time to generate water and carbon dioxide. In the field no electricity environment, fuel cells as an efficient and clean power generation device, is a preferred choice of the field power supply. Therefore, defense, power, automotive, mobile power, submarines, aerospace technology has broad application prospects. Start from a portable fuel cell power generation device control study how to control the secondary power supply unit of power mixed with the fuel cell stack. Micro fuel cell output voltage (direct methanol fuel cell) system by the parameters of the fuel (methanol) concentration, flow rate, and its battery temperature joint decision, so the output voltage is unstable, the output voltage through the control of these parameters enables some stability, but also difficult to achieve the requirements of the actual application. You need a secondary power supply device to assist the fuel cell-powered super capacitor secondary adjuvant system power supply unit. Fuel cell to give super capacitor charge reaches a certain indicators of internal storage battery, super capacitor, super capacitor discharges to the external electrical equipment when the super capacitor charge is low by the fuel cell supercapacitor charging, and so forth of the output voltage is stable to within a certain range to ensure the normal working of the electrical equipment. At the same time, in order to be able to facilitate the users real-time monitoring of state parameters of the hybrid system, the development of a set of PC monitoring software to cope with the system, the system is running, the working parameters of the hybrid system is transferred to the host computer using the real time to master the working status of the system, and optimize the allocation and control strategy to provide a basis for energy, and needed to save these state parameters. Finally, this fuel cell hybrid system was tested, the test results show that this system can be as small power equipment supply for a long time. System fuel (methanol) take easy, small size, easy to carry, environmental protection, is a very promising new energy device. The subject of the research on China has a very important significance to the development and utilization of new energy technologies.

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