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Analysis of Congenital Urinary System Diseases Found in Screening Process of Milk Powder Incident

Author: WuHuiFang
Tutor: WangXinLiang
School: Hebei Medical University
Course: Pediatrics
Keywords: Urinary system diseases Congenital Incidence Clinical features B- Interventions
CLC: R726.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Purpose: the problem milk powder incident health screening, when children come to undergo a medical examination, ultrasound examination of the urinary system, surprised to discover that some children suffering from renal cystic degeneration, renal hydroureter, renal agenesis, renal abnormalities Repeat kidney and other congenital urinary system diseases, which the majority of congenital malformation of the urinary system. Most of these children with congenital urinary system diseases related to clinical symptoms. If not because of this incident, they may not go to the hospital for a health examination, also not found to be suffering from a congenital urinary system diseases. Some congenital urinary tract diseases heavier children only be treated through surgery. In clinical practice, the urinary system malformations in children did not get a timely diagnosis and delay the timing of treatment, causing irreparable pain. 9370 people on September 12, 2008 to December 30, the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical University, a medical examination of children identified by the infant milk powder screening events congenital urinary tract disease and its related factors analysis to investigate the incidence of congenital urinary system diseases, clinical features, diagnostic methods, and the relationship with sex, conception season, place of residence, and other related factors, and interventions. Maternal education, health medical awareness, improve the degree of attention of the parents and the medical staff of the children healthy, it is recommended that elective parents after the birth of a child to do the body, including the B-examination for early detection and treatment of some congenital diseases. : Outpatient screening from 12 September to 30 December 2008, the Second Hospital of Hebei Medical powdered milk stones undergo a medical examination of children 9370 registering the basic information on all screening ultrasound and urine of children with urinary system inspection. In children with congenital urinary system diseases were detected after the acquisition history of the fetal period. Maternal place of residence, the conception season urinary position are grouped according to their gender, type of disease, and the analysis of its correlation with the incidence of congenital urinary system diseases. All cases were consistent with the diagnostic criteria of congenital diseases of the urinary system, \The data obtained using SPSS16.0 version of statistical software for statistical analysis, and comparison between groups and indicators of abnormal rate compared using chi-square test, α = 0.05 for the test of significance level. The result: a physical examination of the children 9370 people, including 137 cases of children with congenital urinary system diseases, the incidence of 1.46%. Male 91 cases, the incidence of 1.74%; female 46 cases, the occurrence rate of 1.11%; female ratio of 1.98:1. 137 cases of congenital urinary system diseases in children, the disease involved 15. Including 46 cases of renal cystic disease (including renal cysts and polycystic kidney disease) in 26 cases, the ureter bladder handover Ministry narrow 19 cases of congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction, weight of kidney and ureter, renal hypoplasia and renal malrotation 7 cases ureterocele six cases, five cases of ectopic kidney, unilateral kidney four cases, three cases of renal pelvis abnormal, horseshoe kidney, and posterior urethral valves in 2 cases, ureteral stricture, ectopic and bladder diverticulum in 1 case. Which are among the top three congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction, renal cystic lesions, the narrow ureter bladder handover Ministry. Ureteropelvic junction obstruction in the first place, accounting for 33.58%; renal cystic lesions in second place, accounting for 18.98%; the ureter bladder junction Ministry narrow ranks third, accounting for 13.87%. 2 according to the location of the mother of children, divided into urban and rural areas of the two groups. Urban group of 5472 cases, 57 cases of congenital urinary system diseases in children, the incidence rate was 1.04%; rural 3898 cases, 80 cases of congenital urinary system diseases in children, the incidence rate of 2.05%. Rural children with congenital urinary system diseases incidence is higher than the incidence of congenital urinary system diseases in children in the towns, there is a statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). Of 3 congenital urinary system diseases Winter conceive children the highest incidence (2.25%), lowest in autumn (0.80%), was statistically significant (P lt; 0.05). 49,370 cases diagnosed 137 cases of congenital urinary system diseases, the incidence rate was 1.46%. 91 cases in the left side, the right side of the 33 cases, bilateral in 13 cases, the left common. 5 complications hydronephrosis is the most common 79/137 cases (57.66%) 45/137 cases (32.84%), urinary tract infection, chronic renal insufficiency in 5/137 cases (3.65%), coexisting disease, multiple malformations more common 14/137 (10.22%), including 86/137 cases (62.78%) children diagnosed without any symptoms. 6 the B super diagnosed 114/137 cases (83.21%) of the patients, only some children due to coexisting disorders and complications, the condition required for other auxiliary examination. Conclusion: a congenital urinary system diseases in children with of male high incidence in women. 2 congenital urinary system diseases, congenital ureteropelvic junction obstruction, renal cystic lesions, delivering part of the ureter and bladder narrow common. 3 congenital urinary system diseases of children in rural areas was higher than urban children. 4 congenital urinary system diseases in winter conceive children the highest incidence, fall to conceive children lowest incidence. 5 congenital urinary system diseases more common on the left side. 6 Most congenital urinary tract malformations in patients with early usually no obvious symptoms. 7 B ultrasound diagnosis of congenital urinary system diseases, should be used as the first choice, is of great significance. 8 to strengthen maternal and pediatric health examination, and to reduce the rate of birth defects, early detection and early treatment.

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