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Treatment of Spleen Qi Deficiency Yiqiyangyin Type IgA Nephropathy Clinical Study of 36 Cases

Author: WangZhen
Tutor: YuBingZhi
School: Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
Course: Traditional Chinese Medicine
Keywords: IgA nephropathy Yiqiyangyin Spleen Decoction traditional Chinese medicine clinical efficacy related factors
CLC: R277.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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1. Objective:The IgA nephrosis is our country common primary renal glomerulus disease, occupies the primary renal glomerulus illness to get sick 30%-40%, the clinical manifestation are many and varied, the pathology type is complicated and diversified, some 20%-40% patient progress is the chronic renal failure. because the doctor practicing western medicine is mainly reduces the immunity inflammation which to this sickness treatment the IgA deposition causes to respond, therefore still lacks the effective treatment and the regulatory measures until now. the Chinese medicine uses the method which distinguishes gets sick dialectical unifies, has demonstrated the superiority and the characteristic in the IgA nephrosis’s treatment. the topic was to evaluate the spleen Qi Yin Qi and Yin Deficiency Treatment of 36 cases of type IgA nephropathy and analysis on the effect of clinical factors related,for the synthetic judgment condition, the postponement condition progress and instruct its treatment to provide the basis.2. research material and method: The observation case the case which in June,2009 2009 during year October admits for the Wuhan Cooperation of Chinese and Western medicine Hospital Nephrosis Internal medicine department outpatient service and the hospital ward, passes through the kidney biopsy confirmation is the IgA nephrosis, removed result sequential IgA deposition renal glomerulus sickness and so on liver cirrhosis, allergic purpura, systemic lupus erythematosus, based on integrates the standard and the elimination standard, the meet standards 36 examples. of the spleen in all cases be soup Yiqiyangyin Differential Treatment, treatment for three months. around observes the patient to treat the clinical symptoms, the symptom, to be related the laboratory inspection target and the Chinese medicine symptom integral and fills in the clinical observation table, the observation treatment curative effect. and the application relevance analysis’s statistical method to treats the curative effect and the patient sex, the age, the course, between the Chinese medicine symptom integral and the doctor practicing western medicine clinical type carries on the relevant analysis, judges both whether to have the relevant relation.3. findings:3.1.This research observation case’s treatment is always effective for (86.1%).3.2. Around this research observation case’s treatment 24 hour urine protein quota and the urine red blood cell number’s comparison indicated:After treatment than before treatment,24 hours urinary protein values are very significant improvement (P<0.01), hematuria values also was significant improvement (P<0.01), prompted Tom Yiqiyangyin spleen Qi and Yin Deficiency type IgA nephropathy can reduce the hematuria and proteinuria.3.3. Before and after treatment in patients with renal function (serum creatinine, urea nitrogen, creatinine clearance rate) have improved significantly, and values before and after treatment were significantly different (P<0.01), prompted Yiqiyangyin spleen Tom can improve the Qi and Yin Deficiency type IgA nephropathy renal function.3.4. Around this research observation case’s treatment the Chinese medicine symptom integral comparison indicated:after treatment before looking minimalist, less air fatigue, common cold, hand, foot and heart hot, afternoon fever, back pain, dry mouth and throat, red throat, sore throat symptom improvement was very significant both statistically significant (P<0.01); after treatment than before treatment,. symptom improvement in the edema was significantly different (P<0.05), prompted Yiqiyangyin spleen soup can significantly reduce the gas Yin deficiency type IgA nephropathy in symptom score to improve the clinical symptoms.3.5. this research observation case’s curative effect and patient sex, course and so on relevant analysis:Between the curative effect and the patient sex does not have the relevance, between the curative effect and the course has the relevance, the first attack by the clinical cure and the appearance primarily, the recrudescence by effective sees much.3.6. This research observation case’s curative effect and doctor practicing western medicine clinical minute relevance analysis:The curative effect and the urine test unusual and between the chronic nephritis has the relevance, the urine test unusual by the clinical cure and the appearance primarily, chronic nephritis by effective primarily.3.7. safety analysis:In this research observation process two group of patients have not presented the obvious untoward effect, blood and liver function before and after treatment, showed no significant difference in electrolyte indices (P> 0.05). Note this observation is safe and reliable, prompt Yiqiyangyin soup is safe traditional Chinese medicine preparation.4. research conclusion:After this research observation case treats, in the improvement Chinese medicine symptom integral, reduces in the urine the red blood cell number and the 24H urine protein quota, lowers the blood myo-bitter wine level, delays the kidney function to progress, has certain curative effect, takes the period discovery obvious poisonous side effect, has achieved the medication highly effective, the safe goal. therefore, the observation that the Spleen Decoction Yiqiyangyin IgA nephropathy has a better clinical efficacy, is safe and effective traditional Chinese medicine preparation.

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