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Disease Research Files of Zheng Fenyang, a Medical Specialist in the Fujian Province of Qing Dynasty

Author: ChangYaLi
Tutor: LinZuo
School: Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Of Chinese Medicine
Keywords: Zheng Fenyang Epidemic disease Plague Measles Thermal cholera
CLC: R-092
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Zheng Fenyang for the end of the Qing Fujian famous physicians its ancient division Mud, good inheritance, and innovation. The social unrest of the late Qing period, the Fujian Province blight frequency for, Zheng Fenyang in the treatment of epidemic diseases has accumulated a wealth of experience, superb skills, was elected to the the entire Fujian Medical Association. His clinical practice for its Zhushuliyue laid a solid foundation for major works plague about knitting, the \record, \'s the case of clinical experience and perspectives for the prevention and treatment of plague, measles, cholera has been very positive. But the current domestic and international Zhengfen Yang still a blank, it is very necessary to discussed Zheng Fenyang their writings. In the same time, the subject can also expand the influence of the Fujian physicians, Fujian disease literature, in-depth study. This thesis, analyzing and discussing the three books to Zhengfen Yang of Zheng Fenyang writings recorded plague, measles, cholera etiology and pathogenesis, the main symptoms, prevention measures, treatment, prognosis photo transfer, food taboos summarizing and view conquer other physicians distinguish from the writings of Zheng Fenyang highlight Zheng Fenyang characteristics control the disease. In the treatment of epidemic diseases, Zheng Fenyang good at the inheritance and development, good at following the Cheng Luozhi Park Jieduhuoxue Soup For example, the treatment of plague, while learning and using innovation, coma and delirium in the treatment of plague, nuclear heat penetrating the blood with blood detoxification Decoction causing blood stasis, day and night, even chasing law day multi-agent decoction method peach kernel, safflower amount superimposed on the 782, the application of the high-dose to play Poxue cured stasis, the new health and without injury is. In addition, topical medications for the treatment of plague, Zheng Fenyang bold use western medicine iodine water and these are reflected Cheng absorbing, the medication eclectic, knowledgeable and not rest on its laurels, brave to accept new things. Moreover, Zheng Fenyang Fuzhou hot and humid climate, heat and dampness of green beans, sweet potatoes, barley and other food to enable patients throughout the treatment period of the plague, the plague poison gas as soon as possible to get rid of. These illustrate significant Zheng Fenyang about epidemics works of literature, especially of our disease prevention and control has positive significance.

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