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Job stress and turnover intention correlation analysis

Author: YangKai
Tutor: LiYuLi
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Human Resource Management
Keywords: Working Pressure Turnover Intention Model Buffer variable Mediating variables
CLC: R47
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Since the 1930s the Canadian biologist Hans relic to \\Work pressure will cause staff burnout, lower job satisfaction, and even leave the wishes; study found that in the past, the staff turnover intention of its turnover behavior important antecedents, has a very good prediction results. Normal staff turnover intention and actual turnover behavior is accepted by businesses, but if the employee turnover rate is high, there's a huge loss of staff, one of which will hinder the normal operation of enterprises, on the other hand, there is no guarantee the company's future the development of intellectual resources, to achieve sustainable development of enterprises. In short, the high turnover rate of employees will be affected to a considerable extent on the company's future development needs of the quantity and quality of human resources, and even affect the company's normal existence. High turnover rate of employees is generally a strong predictor of intention to quit. As the world's fastest growing sunrise industry - IT industry has always been considered the most typical high-pressure industry, IT employees generally bear the enormous pressure of work, China's annual IT industry talent gap of about 20 million people, . IT personnel turnover rate is quite high in some areas of IT companies employee turnover rate even reached 50%, much higher than traditional industrial labor turnover, IT high turnover rate of employees in the industry is largely due to high operating stress. In the current context of economic crisis, although the employees find new jobs more difficult, but the high pressure caused by staff turnover intention IT companies are still common objective existence. On the one hand, to ensure IT companies employee turnover rate within the normal range, to avoid excessive loss of talent, China's information industry to ensure rapid and healthy development of great significance; hand, draw in 2003 after the economic crisis in the network, IT companies high staff turnover rate on the part of IT companies lesson devastating impact at this stage, the intention to leave for work stress and perform linkage analysis studies the relationship between the two has a very important practical significance. Theorists point to the working pressure of the pressure of the work lies in the definition, the definition of the pressure finishing predecessors, mainly to stimulate the class definition, the reaction and interaction class definition class definition, scholars, respectively, from the source of pressure, results and action process perspective of analysis and research. Stimulus and response class as a static class defines an important part of the theory in empirical research, based on the research for the further development of the working pressure made the necessary and adequate preparation, at home and abroad more than 70 years on the job stressors and stress reactions of the Working pressure module is rich in content, structure system is relatively intact; established on the basis of the interaction between the dynamics of the class definition theory, under the guidance of dialectics, more clearly explain the work pressure on the employees, their individual decision, and produce The results of this stress response corresponding complete system process. Static theory is the basis for the development of dynamic theory, the theory of static theory of dynamic development and improvement. In the process of research on the role of the working pressure summarizing the literature, the author found that theorists working pressure for the introduction of multi-use buffer variables constructed models for separation and intention of the introduction of mediating variables is to use more to build the model ; For job stress and turnover intention correlation analysis, the current mainstream theory less and less part of the research is still mainly used to introduce an intermediary variable. It should be noted that the negative effect of the buffer variable mainstream research ideas and work pressure is contrary, this study emphasizes the introduction of intermediate variables (initially think it is a buffer variable), OSI simplified theoretical framework and empirical data through follow-up analysis to determine The nature of the intermediate variables mediating variables, or buffer variables. This mainly includes three aspects: (1) organize historical documents, combing theoretical circles for working pressure, leaving the problem of ideas and research framework, this study design ideas and theoretical models. (2) to collect data and theoretical models have been constructed in accordance with the empirical analysis for the study before providing data support the hypothesis put forward, and according to the results of the model has been constructed to make the necessary adjustments and improved. (3) According to the data results, the management recommendations. The author hopes that this study will provide IT human resource management to provide a reference, scientific and effective control of the turnover rate, to ensure the development of the necessary IT companies the quantity and quality of human resources, I hope this can under the conditions of the financial crisis, rapid and healthy development of high-tech industries modest contribution.

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