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The Developing Process and Enlightenment of Deng Xiaoping Chinese Modernization

Author: BaiYu
Tutor: LiYunXia
School: Hebei Normal
Course: Marxism in China
Keywords: Deng Xiaoping Chinese Modernization developing process Marxism in China enlightenment
CLC: A849.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Modernization is an important ideal which numerous Chinese people in modern times fought for. Only modernization can get great rejuvenation of Chinese nation. Inheriting from the ancients, Deng Xiaoping put insight into the changing times and creatively put forward Chinese modernization thought with deep vision standing by the forefront of world history, and he scientifically formulated strategic goal, strategic focus, strategic steps of socialist modernization, and he also outlined China’s grand modernization blueprint.Deng Xiaoping’s exploration for the Chinese Modernization has an important link with both history of practice of socialism in China and his "three down three" life experience. No matter Deng Xiaoping came back again, or he was again overthrown, his realization of the Modernization of China has never stopped. It can be said that proposing Chinese Modernization is an extraordinary period of history.This process is the Deng Xiaoping’s continuous exploration of Marxism with China’s realities, and also the process of Deng Xiaoping as the core of the party and state leaders fighting with the wrong thought and the process of party’s line, principles and policies continuing to meet the objective reality. Therefore, the in-depth study of Deng Xiaoping Chinese modernization history not only helps to deepen awareness and understanding of Deng Xiaoping Theory, and also has very important reference meaning of continuing to propel for the Marxism in China in new times.This article includes four parts. The first part aims to analyze the logical premise of Deng Xiaoping Chinese Modernization. Any ideas are inseparable from the formation of a particular logical premise. Thus, this article taking Deng Xiaoping’s third back as the logical starting point, discussed on the historical position of Chinese society at that time, international and domestic situation, Marxist classical writers especially first-generation central leadership of Mao Zedong on the Modernization of China, and Deng Xiaoping’s own unique experience and personal qualities. In the second part, it displayed the formation process of Deng Xiaoping Chinese modernization. In this paper, it takes important meetings in party’s history after the "Cultural Revolution" as the main line to study the formation of Deng Xiaoping Chinese modernization. Deng Xiaoping began to explore the real problems of modernization in China began in Third Plenary Session of the party.“Talking in the South”in 1992 is the marker of Deng Xiaoping Theory formation. Therefore, this article considers“Talking in the South”as the final set of signs of Deng Xiaoping Chinese modernization. The third part is a major study of scientific content and basic characteristics of Deng Xiaoping Chinese modernization. This paper argues that this thinking covers two aspects of meaning. First, this modernization is the modernization of socialism; second, the modernization is Chinese-style modernization with Chinese characteristics. Deng Xiaoping Chinese modernization has distinctive Chinese characteristics, practice characteristics and characteristics of the times. The fourth part, mainly discussed which factors are led in Deng Xiaoping Chinese Modernization based on the first three parts. These factors have important implications for our current and future theoretical innovation, and we must adhere to the valuable experience.Scientific research method is an important prerequisite of scientific research. This paper takes the following research methods. First, the literature research method. It is a feature that focusing on the relevant text of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the study of related historical documents. The main purpose of writing is systematically recognizing the process of putting forward Deng Xiaoping Chinese Modernization through the study of these documents. Second, the history combined theory method. Combination of history and theory method is an important principle also an important research method. In this article, this method was mainly used in finding the theoretical factor which contained in the historical data. At the same time, it was trying to use the theoretical point of view to analyze materials in the process of analyzing of historical data, thereby increasing the scientific understanding of the historical data.

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