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The Structural Framework of Duohemao, Qinghai Province

Author: ShiHaiTao
Tutor: ZhangWeiJie
School: Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course: Structural Geology
Keywords: The northeastern margin of the Qinghai - Tibet Plateau Qinghai Province Multi - Wo -mao Tectonic framework
CLC: P542.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Wo Mau region Zeku County, Qinghai Province, located in the northeastern margin of the Tibetan Plateau the tectonic to construct composite site located in the North East, to the the military medals fault zone and near the north and south to the Guide - multi-Wo Mau fracture on. South Animaqing continental margin rift zone, north of Qilian - North Qinling fold system, East West Qinling orogenic belt, West to republican basins separated by the sea and the Qaidam terrane has unique tectonic position. Since the Altyn - Qilian - Kunlun Mountains - Qinling \under subduction, collision and intracontinental orogenic stage, closely related to the formation of the tectonic framework of the study area and the Paleo-Tethys and Neo-Tethys closed, and India - the Eurasian plate collision. The direction of the superposition of the tectonic stress field formed by tectonic events led to the structural features of the study area and the diversity of structural styles. Things to fracture, north-south trending faults and NE trending faults and the first fold, hub nearly vertical box-like folds, nearly east-west trending folds and north-south trending folds constitute the tectonic framework of the multi-Wo-mao. T 1 -T 2 oblique collision of the oceanic crust of the Paleo-Tethys North Ocean formed multi-Wo-mao folds and stuff to the strike-slip fracture tectonic framework of the prototype of the study area began to form; T 3 3 -K 1 stage, Northern shell of the Neo-Tethys subduction and ocean basin closure remote effects are superimposed in the study area, in T 3 formed in the late the study area EW homoclinal overturned fold, the first and second folds involved; Jurassic period, the study area things to the tension, the formation of the north-south of the study area normal faults; J 3 -K phase, the Neo-Tethys the Nanyang shell (the Brahmaputra oceanic crust) northward subduction led to the measured zones strong things to Liela Zhang, formed during the Early Cretaceous multi-Wo Mau passive rift basin. In the Late Cretaceous stage, multi-Wo-mao things to go again activated slip faults, the compressive stress from south to north, the formation of the east-west trending thrust faults, thrust faults from south to north; since the Oligocene Qaidam terrane eastward extrusion of the study area by the strong things to squeeze, to form a multi-Wo-mao Basin of north-south-relief folds, the formation of multi-Wo-mao regional tectonic framework. Multi-Wo-mao region north-south trending faults formed before the formation of the multi-Wo-mao Basin, and the east and west sides of the basin edge fracture as the controlling faults control the formation and size of the Wo-mao basin. The latter part of the study area north-south trending normal faults occur tectonic inversion becomes thrust fault, and cause atrophy of the multi Wo Mau Basin, things to squeeze.

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