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Sorption and Transport of Gasoline Components in Typical Porous Media

Author: ZhuXiaoXing
Tutor: BiErPing
School: Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course: Groundwater Science and Engineering
Keywords: Gasoline components Humic acid Quartz sand Adsorption Migration
CLC: X523
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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At present, organic pollutants (particularly petroleum and its products) groundwater soil pollution is getting worse. Vadose zone as gasoline organic pollutants contaminated sites is of great significance to study the migration law of the medium on the adsorption of organic contaminants and organic pollutants in their medium. Paper selected the typical gasoline type organic pollutants benzene, toluene, methyl tert-butyl ether (Methyl tert-butyl ether, MTBE) and ethyl tert-butyl ether (Ethyl tert-butyl ether, ETBE) as a target pollutants, using indoor the static adsorption batch experiments and dynamic soil column experiments to simulate the adsorption and migration of organic contaminants in the vadose zone typical media, research the following conclusions: (1) gasoline additive ETBE representative of the six standard soil adsorption can be a linear equation fitting well the ETBE lgKoc mean 1.993 L · kg -1 . Soil samples ETBE adsorption process was exothermic, the equilibrium adsorption capacity decreases with increasing temperature, the adsorption enthalpy change of -8 - 32 kJ · mol -1 that ETBE subject to a variety of forces in the adsorption process. The increase of solution ionic force will make the soil sample adsorption of ETBE weakened various soil samples under different degrees of ion force. (2) the organic matter in the quartz sand column and humic acid column breakthrough curves are the left part of the relatively steep right part is relatively flat, with a long tail phenomenon. This is because the organic matter in the migration process by the adsorption / desorption of non-equilibrium. The increase in the kind of organic components will make a mixed solution of each units min competitive adsorption / desorption phenomenon becomes remarkable, and various organic compounds in the humic acid column desorption hysteresis more obvious. Humic column (3) organic components of the elution order of MTBE, benzene and toluene, which is strongest humic acid on the adsorption capacity of the toluene, benzene followed, MTBE weakest. This shows that the thickness of the vadose zone is large and medium containing a certain amount of organic carbon, a mixed organic pollution component in which migration, separation of organic pollutants. Leachate CaCl2 concentration to accelerate the leaching rate increases will make organic compounds benzene and toluene, the leaching concentration increases. Organics initial concentration of the change will be smaller affect the peak time of occurrence of the penetration of organic matter, will cause a change in the area of ??the leaching peak. (4) CXTFIT module two points in the non-equilibrium model can simulate the migration of organic pollutants in the soil column. With the increase in the types of organic components in the solution, the components of the adsorption of organic pollutants in humic acid column in the non-balancing effect will be more obvious. Obtained by fitting calculation humic acid column of MTBE, benzene and toluene Kd value of 3.71 L · kg -1 4.09 L · kg the -1 and 13.53 L · kg -1 , The three of lgKoc value of 2.05 L · kg -1 2.09 L · kg the -1 and 2.61 L · kg < sup> -1 .

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