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Study on Papermaking Wastewater Advanced Treatment by Using Fenton Oxidation-Coagulation Precipitation Processes

Author: ZhangJinLing
Tutor: YuJunTing
School: Shandong Institute of Architecture
Course: Municipal Engineering
Keywords: papermaking wastewater advanced treatment Fenton oxidation coagulation and sedimentation
CLC: X703.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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With the increasingly severe environmental situation, water pollution and water scarcity has become one of the crises in our country and even in the world. At present, the State attaches importance to environmental protection and people’s environmental awareness-raising, environmental protection department will be stricter on paper-making wastewater treatment requirements, the traditional level, secondary sewage treatment process has been unable to meet the requirements on pollutant removal. Fenton oxidation technology of pollutants in wastewater on toxic, hazardous and difficulty of the degradation have a strong advantage, while, the method is fast, efficient and pollution-free advantages etc. have attracted much attention.This test water samples is the effluent of Henan papermaking biochemical water. After the inspection characteristics of paper-making process and wastewater quality, combined with the advantages and disadvantages of the depth of paper-making wastewater treatment technology at home and abroad, our comprehensive analysis Fenton oxidation treatment technology and coagulation precipitation technology.We first use of Fenton oxidation of papermaking wastewater treatment, to reduce the concentration of pollutants in waste water, and then treatment using coagulation technology. We first use the orthogonal test to determine the scope and parameters of the main factors in the test, then using the single-factor test to determine the effects of influence factors on test effect, finally, we come to the impact of factors on the papermaking wastewater treatment effect such as COD and color of the curve, and determine the best value of each factor.In Fenton oxidation treatment experiments study the factors that have an impact on treatment effect, such as pH value, H2O2 dosage, FeSO4·7H2O dosage and reaction time. In coagulation sedimentation experiment study the types of flocculants, flocculants’dosage and pH value influence on coagulation and sedimentation process.Test process can be divided into two parts:(1) Fenton oxidation; (2) coagulation precipitate. Through papermaking wastewater’s depth treatment by Fenton oxidation-coagulation sedimentation test, determine the optimal running process conditions: in the Fenton oxidized experiment, the pH value is 5.0, H2O2 throws the increment is 200mg/L, FeSO4·7H2O throws the increment is 400mg/L, the reaction time is 40min, the water temperature is 30℃; in the coagulation precipitation test, the pH value is 8.0, PAM throws the increment is 5mg/L, the water temperature is 30℃.Continuous dynamic test results showed that, Fenton oxidation-coagulation method in depth treatment of paper mill waste water is feasible. Test run under the best parameters, the papermaking biochemical effluent by Fenton oxidation-coagulation precipitate process treatment, waste water COD from 296mg/L down to 60 mg/L, color from 200 down to 30, the elimination rate respectively achieves 79.7% and 85%, water quality is good. At the same time, Fenton oxidation-coagulation precipitation process simple, small footprint, with Fenton reagent of iron in as coagulant, both has saved the medicament, and reduced the cost.

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