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Vitamin E and calcium in rat dental fluorosis Antagonism occurred

Author: ZhaoHuiDong
Tutor: RenJiFang;WangXiangYu
School: Shanxi Medical
Course: Clinical Stomatology
Keywords: VE Calcium Dental fluorosis Notch-1 signal FGF8 factor
CLC: R780.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To study the vitamin E (vitamin E, VE), calcium fluoride dental rat antagonism occurs in the tooth signal and Notch-1 fibroblast growth factor 8 (fibroblast growth factor, FGF8) Expression in , from the molecular level to explore the different concentrations of VE and calcium fluoride poisoning in rats antagonistic capabilities for the clinical treatment of dental fluorosis and prevention provide laboratory research data. Methods: 80 SD rats were randomly divided into eight groups: 1, blank control group 2, group 3 sodium fluoride, sodium fluoride group of four low-dose VE, VE NaF middle dose group 5, NaF high dose VE group 6, NaF group of seven low-dose calcium, sodium fluoride calcium medium dose group of 8, high dose calcium fluoride group. The following three studies were conducted: 1, general observation of vital signs, while rats were recorded weekly photo anteroposterior incisor labial surface of the tooth surface color changes; 2, feeding animals were sacrificed after 11 weeks by HE staining. cut enamel formation in rats of different periods ameloblasts change characteristics, immunohistochemical staining VE and calcium on the expression of Notch-1 signaling effect, using computer image analysis system for immunohistochemical staining results of computer image analysis ; 3 by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was observed VE and calcium on FGF8 factor expression. All data were statistically analyzed using SPSS17.0 system. Results: ameloblasts during the formation of the enamel development through a series of morphological changes in different periods ameloblasts have different forms and functions. In the bell stage, Notch-1 expression signals dental papilla mesenchymal, odontoblast layer was weakly positive, positive inner cell layer of the glaze. Dental tissue formation begins, Notch-1 signaling in the middle layer of ameloblasts are expressed in the odontoblast layer with weak expression. In the control group, each stage ameloblasts neatly arranged in uniform, normal cell morphology, mature ameloblasts were high columnar, Notch-1 signal showed strong expression; NaF group, rat incisor ameloblasts Some of the original tall columnar cells grow shorter, the cells are arranged in layers, enamel matrix formation disorder, rat tooth germ epithelial signaling in Notch-1 expression was significantly lower than the control group; at different concentrations of VE, calcium group, With VE, calcium concentration increased, Notch-1 signal corresponds to the rat tooth germ epithelium gradually increased, but still lower than the control group. Immunohistochemical Study of different concentrations of calcium in rat teeth VE and Notch-1 signal expression of statistical analysis showed that: (1) control group, NaF group, NaF VE low-dose group, NaF VE middle dose group, NaF high dose VE group among the three groups had significant difference (P <0.05); (2) the control group, NaF group, NaF low dose Ca dose group, NaF middle dose Ca agent group, NaF high dose Ca dose group in each group There was significant difference between (P <0.05). Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay VE and different concentrations of calcium in rat teeth FGF8 factor expression statistical analysis showed that: (1) control group, NaF group, NaF VE low-dose group, NaF VE middle dose group, NaF high-dose VE group among the three groups had no significant difference (P> 0.05); (2) the control group, NaF group, NaF low dose Ca dose group, NaF middle dose Ca agent group, NaF high dose Ca dose group in each group There was significant difference (P <0.05). Conclusion: Calcium antagonistic mechanism of dental fluorosis may occur with enhanced Notch-1 signaling and the expression of FGF8 factor, VE antagonistic mechanism of dental fluorosis may be associated with enhanced expression of Notch-1 signal related.

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