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The Research on the Anti-money Ideas in the Western Han Dynasty

Author: WeiKongFeng
Tutor: GongLiuZhu
School: Henan University
Course: Historical Philology
Keywords: Western Han Dynasty Monetary economy Money Useless Cheap monetary theory Anti - Treatise on Money
CLC: K234.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Monetized commodity currencies, economic development of human society to a certain extent, the anti-currency idea is developed to a certain level of monetization. Anti-currency idea in the entire ancient China, and has a considerable degree of influence. Academic research on anti-money thinking is still very weak, and currently no monographs and monographs, anti-Monetary Thought for dating research is blank, only of the part involved in anti-money thinking. Anti-currency idea is the sum of the various ideological opposition currency, to the modern point of view, it is an open-reversing the thinking of history is an overreaction to the socio-economic environment is a the monetary economy develops to a certain level of specific product . The Western Han currency have two aspects, one monetary system, monetary thinking, while the anti-currency ideological subordinate monetary thought. The monetary system is often directly spawned currency ideological currency ideology give actual monetary system theoretical guidance, and provide a solution to the problem. The Western Han monetary thinking is often developed for actual currency or other social problems, seek countermeasures to the actual economic and monetary issues. Western Han Dynasty two metal currency: First coins, followed by gold. Western Han anti-currency monetary commentators opposed metal currency, mainly metal minting of coins, followed by gold. Coins for the Mint, and the gold weighing currency. With the intensification of the negative impact of the the Western Han monetization process, anti-currency ideological performance more and more intense, presenting the carry-forward development. Its evolution point of view, the Western Han anti Currency thinking three progressive levels: First, infancy, theoretically negate the value of the currency, Lu Jia Jia Shan \is also. \Development period, to belittle the role of money in theory and practice, Chao Cuo \Maturity, the abolition of the currency, the abolition of commodity money economy, back to the original currency economic times, Gong Yu's \He believes that \However, due to various reasons, the Emperor Han did not accept the offer. Through historical investigation, the Western Han anti-money thinking mainly the following three aspects: First, the Western Han anti Currency thinking of government decision-making to a certain extent, for example, Chao Cuo \Jazz. \Secondly, the Western Han anti-currency thinking has a great influence in people's understanding of monetary monetary, such as clothing, the angle of view, from a moral point of view the currency. This led to the understanding of the Chinese currency in ancient fall into the stereotype of the lack of in-depth research. Finally, the Western Han anti-currency thinking on strengthening the role of the Idea of ??Agricultural greater impact because internal consistency anti-currency ideology and the ideology of the agricultural. A macro point of view, the the Western Han anti Currency thought to consolidate the feudal regime of the Western Han Dynasty, because it maintained the feudal regime, the existence of the economic base - small-scale peasant. In addition, the Western Han anti Currency thought monetization played a small impediment, to some extent caused by the relative stagnation of economic development. With respect to agriculture, business and industry a greater role in boosting the economy. In general, the Western Han anti-money thinking is almost always negative, and thus is actually a undesirable history with reversing anti-currency ideological thought in the Western Han Dynasty.

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