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Study on the Screening and Properties of Degradation Coking Waste Water Advantage Strains

Author: HuangFuShang
Tutor: CaiChangFeng
School: Anhui University of Engineering
Course: Microorganism
Keywords: coked waste water degradation rate the advantage bacterium strains of screening the growth curve plasma UV mutagenesis
CLC: X172
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The coking wastewater complicated composition, which contains a lot of poisonous and harmful substances, using conventional biological treatment, effluent standards can, using physical or chemical processing, the high cost of treatment. In the existing of coking wastewater treatment technology, the use of the biological technology advantage bacterium, has strengthened its unique function.From masteel coking wastewater treatment of wastewater sludge in the second pond near and two strains of the soil sample screening (W1, W2, W3, W4, W5,N1, N2, N3,N4, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4) expanding, After the training, through the comparison of the expanding in different concentrations of strains of coking wastewater medium, good adaptability of screening W3, strains (N3, W5, W4, N4, Z3), medium step by step in the ratio of coking wastewater inoculating culture. The strain on acclimated to the determination of degradation rate of coke plant wastewater in high rate of degradation of selected strains (W4,W3, N3, Z3), after the strains were screened were isolated (W4×10-4, W4×10-5, W4×10-6, Z3×10-4, Z3×10-5, Z3×10-6), measuring device on the degradation rate of coking wastewater, were selected from two strains (W4×10-6, Z3×10-6), the growth characteristics of the predominant bacteria in preliminary experimental study. After screening results show that the dominant bacteria in the W4×10-6, Z3×10-6strains on the maximum degradation rate of organic matter. Experiments at different temperatures were measured, pH, dosage on removal of organic species obtained W4×10-6 strain in 35℃, pH 9, the dosage of the growth in the 1:33 case best, reached Z3×10-6 strai in 35℃, pH 9, the dosage of the growth in the case of the best of 1:50. Determination the growth curve in the best condition,and reserch the growth characteristics of effective strains.Experimental results shows that,in different conditions the different strains of the degradition rate of COD are different.Through screening efficient strains and adjusting the best environment factor,the degradition rate of COD can effectively improve.Carries on the plasma mutagenesis the superiority fungus,and UV mutagenesis,investigation physical mutagenesis to the fungus degeneration high potency coking waste water COD ability influence. Studies the best mutafacient condition, screens the highly effective fungus and carries on the comparison with the original fungus.Plasma mutagenesis can generate positive mutation, degradation ability of coking wastewater of high concentrations of coking wastewater advantage bacterium is inproved.This method has great help to the reserch of the advantage bacterium with high concentrations and organic coking wastewater.The bacterium to UV mutagenesis, using the optimized experiments and orthogonal test, height and time in different strains of the COD removal rate. Determining the advantage of coking wastewater by bacteria in the UV-induced degradation under certain rate.The most effectivly influence is trradiation time,then the different bacterium and the distance.The optimum conditions is W4 in 10~20cm high, the mutation 20s,the degredaton rate increased to 59.74%; Z3 in 10~20cm high, the mutation 20s, the degredaton rate increased to 22.27%.This method is instability at improve the degraation rate.The results show that different strains, different conditions of the degradation rate of COD, different strains and adjust the efficiency of environmental factors, can effectively improve the COD removal.The plasma can produce positive mutation induced increase of coking wastewater superior bacteria for the degradation of coking wastewater capacity for the study of coking wastewater with high concentrations of organic bacterium of great help.Based on the advantage of coking wastewater treatment of bacteria in screening and physiological characteristics, the study of coking wastewater treatment strains of bacteria and the advantages of the optimal grow condition.

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