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Correlation between Enlarged Adenoid and Deformity of Tooth Maxillofacial

Author: TangShan
Tutor: FuMin
School: Dalian Medical University
Course: Department of Otolaryngology,
Keywords: Child Adenoidal Mouth breathing Dental facial deformities
CLC: R766
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Objective: To compare with the normal children adenoidectomy lateral cephalometric X-ray film representative value of dental facial deformities to explore adenoidal hypertrophy cause long-term upper airway obstruction impact on dental facial growth and possible mechanisms of action. Methods: The experimental group: Due to upper airway obstruction caused by mouth breathing children over 2 years, the line cephalometric radiographs and select hypertrophy (a / n ratio ≥ 0.71) for children 60 cases, aged 12-14 years; control group: Choose lateral cephalometric film adenoids a / n ratio ≤ 0.60 and the Supreme children 60 cases of airway disease, age and sex matched with the experimental group. Children in both groups cephalometric lateral X-ray film on behalf of dental facial growth of the indicators were statistically compared and analyzed, thus obtaining dental facial deformities in children with adenoidal hypertrophy characteristics and explore this deformity generating mechanism. Results: 1. Represents the upper jaw development indicators: reflect the maxilla relative to the cranial SNA angle anteroposterior relationship between the two groups showed no significant difference; reflect the lower jaw relative to the skull anteroposterior relationship SNB angle value, the experimental group reduced compared with the control group, although not statistically significant P value, but the value SNA and SNB ANB value of the difference in the experimental group than the control group, P = 0.001 statistically significant difference between the two groups, indicating that the lower jaw relative to the cranial portion mutual position of the mandibular than maxillary retrusion. 2 represents the upper and lower incisor inclination and protrusion index: represents the upper incisors inclination U1-NA values, no statistical significance between the two groups; behalf of the lower incisors inclination L1-NB distance value, the experimental group significantly increased compared with the control group, on behalf of children with adenoidal lip dip lower incisors; reflect the protrusion of the upper and lower central incisors in the upper and lower incisor angle, the experimental group than the control group significantly increased, indicating that the protrusion of the anterior teeth . 3 represents the chin and facial growth direction of development indicators: represents the steepness of the mandible mandibular angle size FH-MP (mandibular plane angle), the experimental group was significantly increased, indicating that the overall spin adenoidectomy mandibular The following high increases, face longer; reflect the sudden contraction of chin Y-axis angle increased significantly, indicating that the apparent chin retrusion, jaw with a narrow and backward and downward growth trend. 4 represents the hard palate length indicator: represents the length of the ANS-PNS palate value, with differences that were hard palate adenoid hypertrophy was significantly longer than the control group. Conclusion: adenoidal hypertrophy in children dental facial growth will be some impact, first, the position and shape of mandibular greater impact was reflected in the mandibular retrusion spin growth, mandibular angle has opened a big trend, leading to the following before high increase was a significant vertical facial growth, facial longer. Followed by the upper and lower incisor angle was significantly smaller, lower lip anterior tilt, anterior convex. Further results also showed hypertrophy were evident on the palate longer than normal children.

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