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Failure Analysis and Processing Technology Improvement of the Bicycle Flywheel Parts and Its Molding Die

Author: LiWei
Tutor: LiuQingSuo
School: Tianjin University of Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: Cold extrusion dies 14th flywheel gear teeth chip Microstructure Microhardness Stress accumulation Fracture failure
CLC: U484
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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The to multi the Feifei wheel core cold to a bicycle Group extrusion mold punch and the Group's production of the 14 - tooth flywheel teeth as the research object , using optical microscopy , scanning electron microscopy and micro-hardness measurement analysis of the bike the cold extrusion punch and 14 tooth chip multi Feifei wheel core fracture Failure and production mold process Chainrings parts improvement measures . Punch for Feifei round round core cold extrusion , the microstructure observed apparent uneven zonal distribution of carbide in the microstructure of the failure die ; fracture morphology and crack near the EDS test analysis showed carbide centralized area for fracture crack occurred . Uneven banded carbide mold organization of the underlying causes of the fracture failure , mold formed in the cold extrusion process stress accumulated mold Fracture Failure in the carbide concentrated area external incentives . Suggestions : ① into the factory mold raw materials change forging handling . ( 2 ) mold quenching , tempering temperature were adjusted to 1210 ℃ and 560 ℃ . ③ the use of the process of extrusion parts about 3500 , remove the punch , 280 ℃ to stress tempering 2h . 14th tooth flywheel the Chainrings parts of the nitrided layer and the carbon content distribution characteristics of comparison with Japan Xi Manuo products , results show that for cold extrusion molding blanks bike flywheel teeth , because the Chainrings teeth from tooth top to the tooth root , the deformation state of each region is different, direct carburization treatment , corresponding to each region of the nitrided layer is not uniform , and the surface in the carburization treatment under conditions of high carbon potential easily formed mainly from brittle carbide phase having a bright white areas ( that over the infiltration area ) , in particular, that the tooth root area nitrided layer the seepage zone size and microhardness value is too high to become a major source area of the parts by force fracture . Recommendation : ① on the the cold extrusion teeth piece before Carburizing an annealing process , the annealing temperature of 650 ℃, holding time 10min . ② carburization process , the beginning , the end of the carbon potential is adjusted to 0.85 and 0.80 ( C %) .

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