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Study of Exposure Level and Exposure Factors of Phthalate Esters in Pregnant Women

Author: ChenChen
Tutor: TangNaiJun
School: Tianjin Medical University
Course: Occupational and Environmental Health
Keywords: Environmental endocrine disruptor Phthalate esters Pregnant Urine Solid Phase Extraction Newborn High Performance Liquid
CLC: R714.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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ObjectiveProving evidence and clue for further studying how phthalate esters(PAEs) affect pregnant women and fetus by analysing factors influencing pregnancy exposure to PAEs and study relationship between matrix exposure level and outcomes of birth, with using of statistical analysis and analysing the data from measuring concentration of phthalate metabolites in these urine samples which were measured by using SPE reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography and the data from result of study of PAEs pollution level in pregnant women body.MethodsThis study, ruling out occupational exposure of PAEs, randomly samples 50 pregnant women admitted in a municipal hospital during May to July 2010 to collect their pregnacy urine samples kept 80 degree under zero and complete the questionnaires including these women basic information (age, height, smoking and drinking history) with their advanced permission.Results(1) Establishing SPE reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography which is simple, low cost and good stability and using existed SPE RP-High Performance Liquid Chromatography to do quantitative and qualitative analysis to exposure level of three PAEs in 50% women body:The level of MBP in the urine of pregnant women was ranged from undetected to 6 673.061μg/g Cr, and median of MBP is 19.487μg/g Cr. MBP was presented in 52%. The level of MBzP was ranged from undetected to 6 227.937μg/g Cr, and median of MBzP is undetected. MBzP was present in 48%. The level of MEHP was ranged from undetected to 2 139.802μg/g Cr, and median of MEHP is 161.990μg/g Cr. MEHP was present in 78%.(2)Analysing factors making pregnant women exposure to PAEs:The factors of hair perm, using cosmetics and plastic products in diet are significantly affected in detection of MBP (P<0.05), and their partial regression coefficients arel.622,2.034 and 1.755. Meanwhile, hair perm and habit of using perfume are significantly affected in detection of MBZP (P<0.05), and their partial regression coefficients are 1.921 and 1.771. Replacement of furniture or interior decoration and using drugs are risk factors for pregnant women exposed to high level of MEHP (P<0.05),their partial regression coefficients are 1.754 and 1.632.(3) Explore relationships between matrix exposure level and outcomes of birth. Detecting result that 46 pregnant women has given birth to 50 newborns,26 male and 24 female, with average weight is 3062.00±501.24g, average height is 49.14±2.86cm. Meanwhile, by analysing association between weight of newborn and total matrix exposure level of three kinds of PAEs [DBP(MBP), BBzP(MBzP), DEHP(MEHP)] which are used as variances, I find that Pearson correlation coefficient r=-0.720 and P<0.01, which means there is statistics difference, and total matrix PAEs exposure is negatively associated with newborn weight. Linear correlation has not been found between newborn height and total matrix exposure level of PAEs.ConclusionThis study has successfully established Solid Phase Extraction-RP-High Performance Liquid Chromatography which is efficient and simple, and made a quantitative and qualitative determination on exposure level of PAEs of pregnant women with this Chromatography. From result of this study, PAEs has been detected in most pregnant urine samples. The research has analyzed possible influencing factors which include passive smoking, consumer products, pharmacy, interior decoration and other factors on pregnant women’s exposure to PAEs in pregnancy. Avoidance of factors mentioned above is recommended. Meanwhile, with study, based on obtaining matrix exposure level of three kinds of PAEs, on relationship between sum of matrix exposure level and newborns birth situation, the result shows a trend that weight of newborns has declined with increase of total exposure level of three kinds of PAEs. This section has not found whether linear relationship id existed between height and the sum of three PAEs exposure level.

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