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Character of GABAB2 Receptor during Mimetic Aging: Focus on Vestibular Compensation

Author: WangLi
Tutor: KongWeiJia
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Otorhinolaryngology
Keywords: D-galactose Intends to aging Vestibular compensation Animal models GABAB2 receptor Senescence
CLC: R764
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Experimental rat vestibular compensation intended to establish the purpose of the aging animal model to investigate the the rat vestibular compensation proposed aging model, lay the foundation for further study of the the senile vertigo pathogenesis and prevention strategies. The method group A (D-galactose to be an aging group, 10): 3-month-old male SD rats were randomly taken from 10, 5% D-galactose 0.150g/kg · d the neck subcutaneously in continuous injection of 8 weeks; B group the control group (3 months): daily subcutaneous injection of normal saline. Group C (aging group, 10) 24-month-old male SD rats 10, weight 450g. Weighed every seven days, respectively, after the end of the experiment anatomy Animal A and B groups of animals, the use of UV spectrophotometric determination of brain monoamine oxidase type B (MAO2B) activity; using chemical colorimetric determination of serum superoxide dismutase (SOD) and over lipid peroxide (LPO) activity in serum. The proposed aging animal models to the destruction of their vestibular peripheral vestibular system to establish vestibular compensation contemplated aging animal models. Serum SOD activity than those in group B was significantly lower (P lt; 0.01) in group A (0.125 g / kg), and group C was no significant difference (P gt; 0.05). Serum LPO content than those in group B was significantly higher (P lt; 0.01), group A and group C was no significant difference (P gt; 0.05). Conclusion D-galactose induced brain tissue to be aging, this model is applicable to the study of aging-related vestibular vertigo pathogenesis. Experiment II vestibular compensation model proposed aging receptor the rat of GABA B2 features of Objective To study the vestibular compensation model animal gamma-aminobutyric acid (gamma-aminobutyric GABA), B 2 receptor in the contemplated the acute decompensated changes in the aging rat medial vestibular nucleus. Method using paraffin sections of rat brain, GABA B2 receptor expression SABC method, light microscope do GABA B2 -positive cell counts, and the use of computer image analysis of cells staining density to calculate the the MVN area average gray value of x ± s line analysis of variance for statistical tests. Results ① compare sham surgery composition and rats with sham surgery group intends to aging receptor positive cells in the immune reaction in the medial vestibular nucleus in the rat of GABA B2 significant difference significant meaning; ② leave surgery consisting rat vestibular compensation are composed of the Year rats of GABA B2 receptor in the medial vestibular nucleus immunoreactive cell counts were increased, the former total number is higher than the latter; (3) sham group intends aging rat vestibular compensation group intends to aging of the the rat GABA B2 receptors in the medial vestibular nucleus immune reaction-positive cell counts were increased, the the former total number is higher than the latter; ④ vestibular compensation years rats with vestibular compensation group intends to aging the rat GABA B2 receptor medial vestibular nucleus immunoreactive cell counts were increased, the the former total number is higher than the latter. Conclusion vestibular compensation model to be aging rats GABA B2 receptor immunoreactive cells in the medial vestibular nucleus expression by aging affect. Senile vertigo vestibular vestibular disease caused by aging interference vestibular function recovery GABA B2 receptor expression in the vestibular acute decompensated regulation of the central nervous system, GABA B2 receptor expression, improve vestibular damage caused by senile vertigo.

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