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Application Study of Actuarial Model and Case on Rural Endowment Insurance

Author: MaoFang
Tutor: ZhangYingLiang
School: Southwestern University
Course: Regional Economics
Keywords: Pension insurance Actuarial Model Funding model Sensitivity
CLC: F842.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The early founding of the PRC, due to the special political and economic conditions, China is taking a different road to industrialization, namely the government to use administrative means of intervention at the expense of the interests of farmers at the expense of industrial modernization. In the process of industrialization, the original urban-rural dual structure of division has not only been changed, but he had been gradually strengthened. This non-equilibrium model of development has led to urban and rural social insurance system produces: urban residents enjoy relatively better, with higher levels of social insurance services; while the rural social insurance is always in the state social insurance on the edge of the majority of farmers are crowding outside the social security system. In China, farmers are risk awareness and weak defense groups, but also for China's greatest contribution to social and economic reforms to solicit a minimum of groups, government has the responsibility to provide them with the same level with other citizens of public services. Now is the time to establish old-age insurance for rural residents of the time. Domestic experts and scholars from different angles of rural endowment insurance has been studied, there are many scholars in Actuarial Science from the perspective of rural endowment insurance conducted research. This article is the use of pension actuarial model of rural old-age insurance for empirical research. Drawing old-age insurance for urban workers, the basic model, the analysis of three kinds of pension funding model their own characteristics, the selected method as the analytical foundation fully funded, the overall method of establishing law and individual pension insurance fund balance equation to determine the contribution years farmers of 15 years, at 60 years of age pensioners. However, farmers in different ages of the payment period from 60 years of age less than 15 years, it will be younger than 60 years old farmer into youth group (20-45 years old) and middle-aged group (46-59 years old) were established to fund the balance between . Individuals were used in the method and the overall method to determine the defined benefit mode and mode of payment of all researchers obtained under the age of 60 after the contribution rate and the amount of pension received; and on this basis to the individual method, for example, on the impact of pension accumulated amount of sensitivity analysis of the factors, in turn, the most important factor for pension insurance - pension replacement rate were analyzed by the above analysis, I have to conclude: 1, in the modeling of individual law analysis, and another to determine payment model in which to determine the age of 60 farmers began to receive pension in the amount of P, to 4200 yuan. The sooner payment of the farmers whose contribution rate is lower, the later payment of the farmers whose contribution rate is higher. This is because they pay at different times from the age of 60, the accumulated amount different. The sooner payment, the amount of its accumulated more defined benefit mode, his contribution rate is low; more late payment, the less its accumulated amount of his contribution rate is higher. 2, personal accounts of individual analysis method, it was found in the middle-aged group of staff, payment rate of over 40%, this number is unrealistic. So for the middle-aged group is concerned, when the single premium payment can donate Nagin, the amount of accumulation of 15 years of accumulation amount. If the middle-aged group members do not like to pay accumulated amount, according to the article 10% of the scheduled payment amount to pay, then the amount received much less. 3, the use of individual pension replacement rate analysis method, the results obtained from young members of the group contribution rate much higher than the middle-aged group. This is because in a given replacement rate, the monthly pension amount accumulated positive relationship with the farmers, because when young people begin to pay pensioners, long service life, thus far accumulated wages, then the 60-year-old When pensioners much more than middle-aged group, so he's payment will be high at a young age, and thus the contribution rate is high. 4, with the overall method for analysis, the paper identified the contribution rate is set to 10%, after the age of 60 to obtain the amount of pension received. As is the specific target age group for the analysis, reflecting the old-age insurance of Freemasonry, and so was concluded relatively normal. 5, in the individual accounts of all influencing factors to yield the greatest impact. Began to pay the farmers 20 donation Nagin, the greatest impact on yield. Yield increased 1 percent, from the personal account of accumulation has increased the amount of 2.75 times the original unchanged. The older, the yield impact is reduced accordingly. Which is fully funded pension insurance under the disadvantage of its pension funds vulnerable to changes in yield, so that the account devalued. 6, in the replacement rate of the pension for the sensitivity analysis, the actual net income growth rate is often given the same rate of growth is expected to differ, and thus obtained a pension replacement rate is different. The actual growth rate is higher, the lower the replacement rate. Receive such a pension at age 60 is relatively small, can not meet that time of life, this time the state financial need additional pension subsidies for farmers. Furthermore, through the study of rural endowment insurance, I believe that there are two issues that need further research, such as Chongqing, rural life table construction and long-term actuarial balance studies.

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