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Research on the Prevention of Theft of Net Virtual Property

Author: WangJing
Tutor: LiRenFu
School: Jilin University
Course: Legal
Keywords: Theft Net Virtual Property Cause Prevention
CLC: D917.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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The rapid development of Internet has changed people’s life, making our life more colorful. At the same time, the development of network also has brought rapid economic growth. The tertiary industry is now taking off, which we also call information technology industry. And all of these are inseparable from the rapid development of network. Network stands for the people’s demand, and stands for economic trend too, so it has value in nature. Things of value is bound to become targets of unscrupulous elements. The theft of virtual property has become increasingly rampant. As the hysteresis quality of law currently, China has not yet the specific legislation of theft of virtual property, and the relevant laws are not adapt to the rapid development of network. Therefore, I elaborates my understanding through three sections.This paper is divided into three chapters, and there are about twenty thousand words. It elaborates on the cause and prevention of theft of virtual property. The first chapter is divided into two sections. The first section introduces the characteristics of virtual property and the characteristics of the theft of virtual property. The theft of virtual property is different from the usual theft in many aspects,such as the target and the means, which is a challenge of our law. What must be stressed here is that the virtual property is something new and it has not be recognized by our law. So in order to do the research on the theft of virtual property, we must identify it at first. The second section introduces the harmfulness of the theft of virtual property. Through the detailed analysis , we can get the conclusion that theft of virtual property has had to be dealt with, and the study of theft of virtual property should be put on the agenda.Chapter two is divided into three sections. The first section introduces the moral cause of the theft of virtual property. It is elaborated as follow: the unhealthy net culture nowadays, the wrong understand developed under the ideological education, and the moral shortness formed by habit which is the most important. The second section introduces technology cause and the cause in management of theft of virtual property. It is showed in two parts. The first is the perfect of the net technology and the second is the improvement through related authorities. Section three introduces the legal cause of the theft of virtual property, which is the most influencial cause. The dificiency in related regulation makes the thft happen constantly. Through the analysis of the three causes, we prepare for the Prevention in next chapter.Chapter three is divided into three sections. The third chapter describes about the prevention of theft of virtual property, and it is described in three parts. Sec tion one is the prevention by the network itself. I illustrate the strong power of prevention by network specification through the advantages of the network and the successful prevention of domestic and foreign cases, from which we get the conclusion that the prevention by net is the most basic and it can guide the user. On the use for reference, I show my view on this problem.Section two explains that how to prevent for the theft of virtual property through technology and management. As the content of this section tends for computer, so it is very professional and I can only explain probably, and explain for today’s mainstream technology. If technology is the computer itself, so management can be controled by man. I have some suggestions to submit on how to improve the management which need the test by practice. Section three is the prevention in relevant laws and regulations and policies. I give my opinion on the prevention through the analysis.This is the most stressed part of this paper. Law is the last barrier and the protect by criminal law is the most powerful. It can be inforced by the perfect of the identification of the crime and proceeding. These three sections are interactive, so the inforcement of only one of these preventions does not work, therefore, they should be complementary. On this basis, we should closr the loophole in our criminal law using the suggestions given above to keep our criminal law up with the times.In short, as the continuous development of the Internet today, the emergence of network enriches people’s cultural life and shortens the distance between people. Now, the world has become interconnected village. Because of the importance of networks, virtual property also has great value. This value has attracted the attention of unscrupulous aggressor, and the theft of virtual property is born too. Now, this harm is very serious and its range is very wide. Therefore, I write this article through my shallow knowledge and months of study. I only hope the problem of theft of virtual property can draw the attention of the whole society, and relevant departments could pays enough attention and proposes the solutions early to give all net users a safe environment.

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