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Study on Photo-catalytical Oxidation Reactivity of Shenfu3-1 Coal and Composition and Structure of Photo-oxidation Products

Author: ZhangYaZuo
Tutor: ZhouAnNing
School: Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Shenfu coal Photocatalytic Oxidation Reactive Humic acid Fine Chemicals
CLC: X703
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Coal as a valuable non-renewable resources, we should vigorously strengthen the research and development of new theory and technology of its application in the field of non-energy (such as fine chemicals), so that the the coal structural features and potential advantages (such as rich in condensed aromatic ring , heterocycle, such as terpenes and pinene class biologically active compound, etc.) to obtain a full and effective use for saving resources, high-value-added use of resources and reduction of environmental pollution has important significance. Shenfu coal as the research object, the study of coal and its different maceral photocatalytic oxidation reaction by the light catalytic oxidation method, preparation of fine chemicals to provide a theoretical basis and basic data for coal by photocatalytic oxidation method. This paper studied the photocatalytic oxidation process conditions on the the Shenfu coal photocatalytic oxidation process of humic acid yield. The results show that: the coal sample the smaller the particle size, the higher the photocatalytic oxidation reaction; mineral matter in coal has photocatalytic oxidation catalytic removal of minerals, photocatalytic oxidation reaction of coal decreased; FeCl3 Shenfu coal photocatalytic oxidation process has a catalytic effect. Also: coal photocatalytic oxidation process of the formation of humic acid competitive reaction of the formation and decomposition of humic acid. Humic acid decomposition rate will lead to a decline in its content. And the when humic acid raw rate of formation of large, humic acid content increased from. Obtained by separation of hand-selected the Shenfu Vitrain (SFJM) and Shenfu fusain (SFST), photocatalytic oxidation, FTIR analysis of the cascade solvent extraction, GC / MS and SEM methods were used to study the different coal and rock component of photocatalytic oxidation reaction. The results show that the activity of the different maceral photocatalytic oxidation reaction. Photocatalytic oxidation after the different maceral oxygen content level of overall performance: the Shenfu raw coal gt; the Shenfu Vitrain gt; Shenfu Fusain; free humic acid yield performance similar variation mainly rich, free humic acid The set in SFJM. Shenfu fusain coals from the mirror photocatalytic oxidation of coal formation of free humic acid with certain catalysis. Further studies showed that: in the photocatalytic oxidation process, the type and distribution of coal in hydrogen bonds has changed significantly. Photocatalytic oxidation, hydroxy since associative hydrogen, hydroxy-π bond hydrogen significantly increased, while the formation of hydrogen bonds by the hydroxyl group and the N atom, the hydrogen bonds formed by the annular closely associating hydroxy, hydroxy - ether oxygen hydrogen free hydroxyl hydrogen bonding significantly decreased. CH bond in the coal on the benzene ring are also involved in the oxidation reaction. The photocatalytic oxidation beneficial selective decomposition of coal aromatic ring structural unit, while the optical catalytic oxidation of branched-chain alkanes and terpene derivatives also easy to oxidative decomposition.

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