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Study of Nonlinear Effects in a Quasi-lambda Four-Level System

Author: CuiZhiLi
Tutor: ZhangXiangYang
School: Jiangnan University
Course: Optical Engineering
Keywords: Quasi Λ -type four-level Quantum Interference Electromagnetically induced transparency Nonlinear effects Relative phase Coherent population transfer Slow Light
CLC: O431.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Interaction between light and matter is currently the nonlinear effects in optical research internationally important and active areas of the frontier, its purpose is to further reveal the light field interacting with atoms in the physical nature of the system. Study the interaction of light and matter is photonics nonlinear optics and photonics technologies and nano-photonics and nano-photonics technology foundation. This paper mainly used four-level atom interacting with external light field density matrix equations, based on quantum coherence theory of nonlinear effects were studied. Current plus Coherent interaction with matter nonlinear effects theoretical and experimental studies are based on a large multi-level atomic system quantum coherence effects, this paper mainly studied the quasi Λ-type four-level atomic system resulting from the interaction with the field two different nonlinear effects. The main contents include: 1. Mainly expounds the meaning of article title legislation, introduced the quantum interference and nonlinear optical research profiles and research trends, and details of several nonlinear based on quantum interference effects, such as coherent population trapping, electromagnetically induced transparency, slow light transmission and optical storage. 2 describes the theoretical foundation, including two-level atomic level interaction with the laser field semiclassical theory and quantum theory, and the use of the density operator approach to derive the rate of electrodes each order tensor expressions. 3 This chapter examines the Gaussian pulse with a non-matching to achieve quasi Λ-type four-level system of coherent population transfers. Starting from the density matrix, with the numerical simulation of the coupling field specific research, detection field intensity of the pump field Rabi frequency, detuning and spontaneously generated coherence (SGC) on population transfer rate. The results show that selecting appropriate parameters, the ground state population can almost all be transferred to the target state level. 4 in the interaction representation, the use of the electric dipole moment and the rotating wave approximation and the density matrix equation theory, explores the quasi Λ-type level system coherent relative phase difference between the probe light and dispersion absorption. Study found that atomic absorption and dispersion level systems dependent on the relative phase has delayed; By changing the relative phase can be achieved probe field absorption and dispersion periodic amplification and weakened. When the relative phase changes every cycle π, the system dispersion curve inversion occurs, the system presents the optical bistability. 5 summarizes the quasi Λ-type four-level atomic system of two nonlinear effects findings, presented in the article are some inadequacies, concludes with an outlook on the future of its research and application prospects.

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