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Characteristic Analysis of Global Disturbed Energy Distribution in Different Time-scales

Author: RenYing
Tutor: SunJiLin
School: Ocean University of China
Course: Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment
Keywords: Scale analysis Synoptic scale Intra-seasonal Interannual scales Decadal scales Disturbance kinetic energy Potential disturbance can
CLC: P432.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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1958 to 2006 NCEP / NCAR reanalysis data, research the different time scales of system disturbance energy in the wind farm, and a potential global distribution of the height field. Using orthogonal experience function (EOF) decomposition, temporal and spatial variation of the energy distribution of global scale system of synoptic scale and seasonal disturbances. Global disturbance energy distribution different time scales, each scale disturbance energy and total climate disturbance energy ratio. Using the percentage of the value of the global to perturbation energy distribution study to compare the size of the disturbance energy difference between the time scale of the system in the different regions and time scale of the system's role in climate change. Different scale system disturbance energy in the global distribution of characteristics vary, reflecting the different characteristics of the atmospheric circulation. Synoptic scale system disturbance energy in the wind farm, and a potential height field 850hPa and 200hPa active in the high latitudes, tropical status area is relatively small, and the wind disturbance energy field calculation percentage distribution and the percentage of potential field perturbation energy distribution exists a certain corresponding relations. The distribution characteristics of synoptic scale disturbance kinetic energy distribution of high-altitude time average trough and ridge certain position. The intraseasonal scale system disturbance energy percentage in the maximum area of ??the 850hPa wind farms located in the Bay of Bengal and the two hemispheres warm tropical heated area; 200hPa wind field maximum area is located in the low latitudes to high latitudes and deviate from the equator; at 850hPa geopotential height field large value areas are mainly located in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere mid-latitude waters; 200hPa geopotential height field large value area high latitudes are mainly located in the northern hemisphere, and the southern hemisphere, South America, the southern waters. These distribution characteristics both in line with the findings of existing studies, there are also different. Percentage the annual scale system disturbance energy in the global wind and a potential height field are mainly located in the tropical low latitudes. 850hPa wind field maximum area is located in the tropical Pacific, large value area is located in eastern Africa; 200hPa wind field maximum area is located in the tropical Pacific, the range than 850hPa than extending east; in 850hPa The potential maximum height field area in Indonesia; the 200hPa geopotential field max District is located in the eastern tropical Pacific, and the highest area of ??global 850hPa and 200hPa wind field and height field the annual scale system energy. Decadal-scale disturbance energy in the global wind and a potential height field is also active in the tropical low latitudes. Interannual time scales in the the 850hPa wind farm the maximum area is located in the eastern region of Africa; 200hPa the maximum area of ??the wind farm is located in the eastern tropical Pacific; maximum at 850hPa geopotential height field area located in the eastern Africa region; 200hPa The maximum potential height field is located in the region of Indonesia, the second largest value is located in the tropical Atlantic region, from the tropical convection heating excitation the spherical planet fluctuations affect climate change point of view, tropical ocean interannual and decadal time-scale convective heating of the impacts of climate change space The distribution is a significant difference. Disturbance energy percentage scale weather systems in the synoptic scale and seasonal EOF analysis found that changes in its space in general and for many years the average state consistent and inter-annual period, show that the changes in the inter-annual time scales of synoptic scale intraseasonal scale systems The effect is obvious.

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